Wasteland 2

Ross's Log 2

great alone,... again

Well i do admit i was relieve to find myself out of that chlorine death pool, by grabbing on to the nearest ledge. “Hey guys i found a ledge we,…could,…grab…on?” he then look behind him as no one was there. “FFFUUUUUCCKKK!!!!” he said to himself. “NOW WHAT DO I DO NOW?” “Oh i know” “HEEELLLOOOO?” as he shouted to the pitch dark drop in front of him,…no answer. “great,…well then guess i have no choice but to follow this pipe” he turns around and started walking. “I hope those 2 will be alright?”. Minutes later he came to a door. “What is this? Well better open it to see if i can get to the others by a ladder or something?” He opened the door and noticed it was pretty dark, he can only see a couple of feet in front of him and 3 engines running, he noticed one of them was exhausting a purple vapor from its side. He found a switch and turned it on, slowly the lights in the room turned on section by section until he realized he was in a room full of machines. “This will take awhile”. Now he is stuck in a room full of machines and no one is around, he was alone in this very big room. “WARNING WARNING PURGING PROCESS ACTIVE” a load computer like voice said. “What ever that is, that does not sound good”.


camuss111 joshua_reinsch

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