"For science!" "The words?!? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?" "I want that science."


Level 7
XP: 810/1200
HP 255/225

STR – 6 (base 2)
HLT – 9 (base 8)
STA – 20
AGL – 9 (base 6)
INT – 9
DEX – 8 (base 6)
CHA – 16


Cook – 27
Craft – 28
Build – 14
Communication – 23
Survival – 13
Acrobatics – 43
Diplomacy – 6
Perception – 23

Defense – 0 (35) //(55 vs vs melee, +65 vs non-melee)
Attack – 33
Energy – 370/370
Endurance – 440
Melee – 66
Aura Defense – 188.2
Aura Sense – 103.1
Fortitude – 56 (L2)

Cure Prone on single target, 10 Energy


Maurius’s Solidarity – +35 DEF, 20% Bleedout Resistance, 10% Shock Resistance, 50% Daze Resistance


Long Barrel Revolver – +35 Attack, +2 Aim, 2% Stun, 4 Shot
Silver Ridge Revolver – +30% to Attack Roll, +10 Melee, 3% Bleed, 5.2 mm slugs, 10 shot
Captain Sword – +10 Melee, +5 Attack, Throw at -2 Aim, 3% Bleedout
Magnus’s Revolver – +27 Attack, +2 Energy, 4 Energy per shot and 1d12 to inflict random stat effect on hit, +10 Defense, – 1 AGL, -20 Max HP

Xethis Bane +45 Defense, 10% nullify stat infliction, +20 Stamina, -1 Agility
Kinetic Shell – 30% of incoming bullets nullified, +10 Defense, -10 Defense vs Melee
Psionic Resonator – 50% chance to deflect psychic attacks

2x Plasma Injector – Revolver add-on, adds Splash and +10% Stun (20 to 30, 3 charges per injector)
10 Charges of Artist Leaves


A relatively young Gnosi at roughly 200 years old, Jinrabairexemus’afir’zaelamack (Jin for short) is a curious being. ‘He’ is driven by a hunger to know things, and is quick to make friends, even getting over his innate distaste of the Nockmaar to at least work with them to an extent. In his rush to learn more and more things, his memory is certainly not the best (despite probably having the capacity to remember everything had he bothered), he only recalls being shipborn and nothing of note until his recent jaunt into the Wastelands with his current party.

His preferred form is that of a human male, although he will not sway from changing as needed in order to survive or gather more information.

After reincarnation (player suspects that it’s not the case, merely traveling back in time to his past self) Jin goes by X for the moment, looking for answers and hopefully not leading the party into doom when he gets put in charge.

Jin has been having mixed feelings upon traversing Tilrech’s laboratory complex. He is in awe of the technology that he wishes he could comprehend, but he is disillusioned with his initial opinion of Tilrech being a genius he would love to learn from, and instead rather despises Tilrech after essentially being forced to fight a construct of Tilrech’s creation.

Jin treasures the revolver he acquired from Luzzil’s ship, although he wishes he could either find a second one or figure out a way to not be so reliant on it, as he realizes lots of his recent successes are the result of the revolver’s power.

Jin eventually lost the revolver when being detained by HATS, and during the detention also lost his body temporarily to Dyrax and bargained to get it back. On the search for information he got caught in a curious ‘game’ played by a Narlepse named Xerxes. The game itself is rigged and Jin is using the local environment to the best of his abilities, but currently he is seeking a way to unlock his own potential further as to not rely on others as much.


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