Vekk (KIA)

I makes explosives, Bokka!


hp:225 cook:5
level:1 craft:10
strength:8 build:5
health:9 communication:7
stamina:3 survival:9
agility:5 acrobatics:9
intelligence:3 diplomacy:5
dexterity:2 perception:2

melee:22 extra: mind reading diplomacy-D6
defense:6 assume form
attack:5 hypnosis

load-out: traveler

weapons: elecro-dagger: +1 attack armor: juneral plate
materials: 1 battery +12 defense
2 gold pieces -4 agility
first aid: 1 fluid state inducer -6 dexterity
2 stamina shots 20% deflect bullets
1 healing shot 12%no poison
survival: 1 glass jar waterskin: full
1 bag of tar


Vekk is a crafter and a tinkerer. He uses what he knows to gain money for his travels. He has met the other party members, and has a garage to use as a workshop. Of all the gadgets he has made, bombs seem to be his favorite. Bokka is a word he created to insult others with any and all words he can think of at the time. usually it means idiot.

Vekk (KIA)

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