Wasteland 2 Timeline available under wiki.

New players and old alike should take the brief time to catch up on what has happened in the worlds of both the future and the past.

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The Creator has at last returned from beyond the Divide, bringing with it ships of an unknown design. The Originals have been called back to their homes for the first time in countless time, stepping through the prison mirrors in waves The Gnosi High Council has engaged these ships as if the Great Foe has painted their faces on the bows, finding more confusion inside than ever thought. With the Creator’s return, however; a plan that has been dormant for so very long is enacted. Timothy has begun to systematically dismantle The Creator – a work begun many ages ago by the Menthri’giir – and screams the joys of Free Will even as the party engages him at the Creator’s final and last command.

“The man in the Mirror says ’Hello.”

200 years after the events of Wasteland I and The Marchers’ actions, the Wasteland has changed. Humanity has risen to power under the leadership of Altfelter and the mutants have formed into an expansionist empire under the new Garro; Hully-Mentayis.