Wasteland 2 Timeline available under wiki.

New players and old alike should take the brief time to catch up on what has happened in the worlds of both the future and the past.

Makdha Has arranged his plan for those wastelanders that have ventured this far and found Herman’s simulation. He has sprung his gambit to reintroduce the Archon Breed into the Wastes and damned are the consequences of such. Sanri and her compatriots have been resurrected to an unknown end and the Stumbling Prophet has been woken from a deep slumber that seems to have been the crux of Herman’s design. The party has turned on each other, some by choice, others by influence; and the certainty of the Wasteland and its brother world has never been held in question more than now.


200 years after the events of Wasteland I and The Marchers’ actions, the Wasteland has changed. Humanity has risen to power under the leadership of Altfelter and the mutants have formed into an expansionist empire under the new Garro; Hully-Mentayis.