Wasteland 2

Evanna's Journal Page 1

My first Mission seemed easy enough sneak into a town and gather info on their tech and new employment. But the long day travels was the easy part, getting threw the dark forest and finding this half breed beast reeking of tech upgrades and science Constructs i believe they called it. They being the most awful team that has ever set foot on the sands!! One turned out to be a gambler and the other a a quite man with little to say, witch would be fine if he was a good fighter but with all my luck he was bare at best not to mention i told them I’ll be gathering information and won’t be long from a day away and do they do get arrested like the dim wits they are so i was mad but thought to myself fuck it I’ll be better off on my own on this one so i did what i do best i pleasured the Information out of some undercover info broker and was on my was to an hidden vent into there head quarters i came across some miner drones but dealt with them with little to no ease then something caught my ear while i was in the vents two goons where talking about their shift almost being over and getting some drinks after work, witch was boring but the part that was really worth it was he said the morning guy had to run checks on their files and documents and proceeded to leave the room. i smiled and jumped out of the vent and to my surprise the cabinets where unlocked I guess having a lot of keys would be to hard for these guys to keep up with or maybe the night shift owed a favor to the morning crew whatever the case it was free pickings for me. I heard one of them coming back into the room so i hid under the desk and he set down so I waited until be bent over to throw some papers away and i picked up the desk and crushed his body with it knowing it would make a lot of noise i quickly jumped back into the vent got lost a little bit but i found my way out where i had came in but there was a man there fixing the point of entry where i had broken it i didn’t think he was working for the guards he looked and acted like any other citizen so i was going back home without them but to my surprise the guard at the door scanned my ID card and it didn’t take i guess the forged one i had was only good for getting in not out and i was confronted with 6 armed guns so being the charming gal i am i asked is that how you treat all your ladies and they responded with gunfire. That didn’t go so well for them i drove them back got one of the dead mans gun, radio, and outfit but more showed up and open fire again my shield blocked and the bullet hit a citizen and a riot broke out i was wounded and a old man took me into hes inn and help my back to my feet i asked him the quickest way out of town he said the sewers so i traveled down the passage way and for the love of Gabu and the sands i find my team being lead out of town as well. I’m guessing they failed there mission in recovering anything useful but when everything felt like everything was good and we were almost out something knew we were leaving and it was not happy again one of these Constructs but way bigger then the one before it but it went down as the other one did oddly enough but we all made it out alive and of course the travel back was just as easy as getting there so i guess next time i go alone or at least have my farther to have my back when it gets cutthroat. overall i find them as teammates under par and not suited for stealth.


camuss111 lovehinata17

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