Wasteland 2

Hermin, Watchers, and more

So someone known as the Lawmaker (not to be confused with the law bringer) stopped the fight and used Dyrax as a hammer to break the glass ceiling while Otta and him told us about what the fate and watchers created. This is getting crazier by the minute. they told us a former watcher whose name was, hermin. Can you believe that? founded the NGMO. and there were three original races, Anazii, Celitens, and the Titans. and apparently project titan is actually the archons, there more i’ve yet to understand about this but in time it will come to me. Also Alice may actually be Elania, but we are not sure about that until we get to section 32. I’ve put the hunt for my gear on hold since this big incident happened, maybe after this, the Ngmo can help me get back to that bubble in the Convistra (sp?) and get my stuff back. this white armor is ok but i do like the original stuff i had. Oh and before i forget otta was a fate now human, and zergziez (sp?) lost his memory and was told to take his army and go fight the ngmo. I wonder if perguis is still willing to be part of the ngmo, for now i still am, but they do anything to me, then i will fight them.


camuss111 scope2

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