Wasteland 2

Lord Gabu

I know my lord has seen my devotion to him and all mutants of my kin. But what i want is him to tell me that all this endless fighting and blood shed is worth all the pain we wastlanders endure and he knows I’m a true man who never kneels before any man, beast, god, fate or even the great Gabu himself for if i ever truly meet him he would know i stand equal to his power. If i was able to fight my way just to reach him in all of his glory and might. for when that day comes … A truly hardened worrier and a well forged Man well stand before all. And they shall know thy name, thy honor and fame. Thy courage will strike all hearts of men and gods alike, for he will be the true man that carries the weight of the world and be drenched in all of its pain as he sheds no tears or shall he bare the face of pain. Because the world needs a strong leader, the world needs DarkHeart!!!


camuss111 lovehinata17

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