Wasteland 2

Ross's Log 3

What is going on?!?

After what seems like an eternity (actually probably an hour or two) finally he heard one of the doors open to find his comrades again,… but they look like (and smell like) shit. “What happened?” he asked Norrin. “Dont ask” Norrin replied. The machine room they were in (AKA The DiscoFunkaTron) had a gas leak. So with a rag Ross had just picked up and tied it around his face, to protect him from the unfamiliar gas. “Better try to get rid of this stuff” He said while messing with the controls. After a few tries, he activated the fans in the vent to send the gas somewhere else. A couple minutes later he heard coughing from behind one of the big vents, only to find Jevago and Lillith/Rio behind it. “You guys ok?” He yelled to to others behind the vent. “YA just a gasss leak, itss sstinkss in here”. “Oops” thought Ross. “I wonder how that happened?” he lied. Then a few minutes passed and everyone was catching up to speed, until a huge explosion came from the side that had Jevago and Lillith in. “What WAS THAT?” Ross yelled to them. Lillith said “We got company….”


camuss111 joshua_reinsch

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