Wasteland 2

Scavaging the ship.

luzzil_interior.jpg(group 2 side quest)

Vass POV
I was given a mission to recover a very important item from a recent crash sight. three other people volunteer to join me on the search. Metis, x, and Alex formed my team.

It took up most of two days to get to the ship. on the way we had to stay in a small shed for the first night. it really wasn’t’ much since it was filled with some sand and two very smelly corpses. i couldn’t tell how long they were dead, but they didn’t carry much that was much use to us.

when we got to the ship it was mostly intact. I looked into a small opening that was tall enough for me to look through. what i saw…i will never forget. I saw Nockmaars….or what was left of them. they laid scattered, thrown around like a little child’s doll. all of them had metal parts on them. it seemed the nockmaars of section 32 were trying to create a new super soldier….a …cyborg soldier…i don’t known how i know that meaning, but somewhere in the back of my head..it just comes naturally. I tried to use my katar gloves to open the hole. I only got it open by a little. We continued around the ship until we found a opening big enough for us to get through. At that time Metis used his chemistry set to create a small blue liquid that gave off a faint glow. at first the rest of us were worried that metis would do something stupid. we were wrong……that time….as we ventured deeper into the ship, it felt like we were being watched. alex, noticed a thin line in the wall that did not belong there. apparently she and i were the strongest of the the team and pulled open a set of sliding doors to reveal a inner chamber. the floor was covered with shattered glass and dead cyborg nockmaars. we entered the room to investigate and see if the corpses were what we needed to bring back to Tilrec.

The doors closed behind us and in front of us appeared a very tall cyborg nockmaar. he held to plasma pistols. the women and i shot a few shots before metis…..this time he did a really stupid thing… charged into the nockmaar and attempted hand to hand combat….worst idea ever. he nearly got killed. we all learned from that day never get closer than a nockmaar’s out stretched tail to fight them. i tried my best to save metis. it cost me a plasma shot or two to my body before metal tentacles came out of the ceiling and pulled the nockmaar apart and disappeared back into the ceiling. suddenly a voice appeared around us. we could not see where it was coming from, but we made a deal with it to take it back to see Tilrec.

Luzzil which i learned to be the A.I.‘s name…still trying to figure out what and a.i. is… lead us to where he or it was being stored at, carfully we pulled him out of the wall. he looked like a metal box. it was smooth on all sides but oneside had a button. i didn’t know what the button did so i pressed it to find out what it would do….that was a bad mistake … the ships self destruct started up. after luzzil showed us where some healing items were, we ran faster than a weeper trying to kiss a hunter. at one point the ship had collapsed on everyone but x, he helped us out of the debris and we continued almost getting lost if it weren’t for metis’ blue liquid light he placed on some of the walls. surprising enough we came to the hole i was trying to make earlier. one by one we quickly escaped the crumbling ship, when it exploded shrapnel rained down on us. i was not so lucky. I think i broke my shin because it hurt to walk on it. we quickly tried to get back to the shed before night fall so we wouldn’t attracted any weepers or the krocklavas (sp?). we bearly made it in time for nightfall. i learned that alex hurt her head, x wasn’t injured at all..lucky him.., while metis suffered the worst…thats what you get for fighting a nockmaar up close.

the next day we left the shed and travel for most of the day until we came back upon a few trees..at least thats what i think it was called. they provided so shade for us. we rested for an hour and collected some of the big green things and some nice smelling things from these trees. we were hoping that we cound trade these things for weapons and armor. be arrived back at sunset and are currently waiting to talk to Karrkas about what we did and find. if i get a chance, i would like to learn how to fight a nockmaar..or at least how to really fight one out of their reach…maybe if karrkas is in a good mood i will ask him.


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