Wasteland 2

Section 34

After all of us regained our memories we did escape Tilrech’s lab but ended up fighting a small legion of processors who came out of nowhere. After the processors were defeated, everyone started to drop like flies. Zhivago and I were smart enough to drop down and fake passing out…until they started to collect us into a flying ship. Thats when they found out i was still awake. i fell like i did ok fighting them until they used a flamethrower on my. i’m still surprised they healed me and fixed me up.

During our time in quarantine, this gave me time to think. Everyone else remember everything…but I don’t. I feel like i have someone else inside of me as well, I can remember number twenty telling me about starting a group known as tolaris. This name brought a memory or two that don’t belong to me. I don’t know what is going on with me but i hope to find out soon. if I don’t i’m afraid of what might happen.

Once our time in quarantine was over we were sent on a train to got to central to talk to the general or whoever was in charge of the city. The train didn’t stop at central. it also contained dead people, empty tanks, empty cages also a small and large aura fighting machines. I didn’t fight them, instead i tried to get the train to stop. Norrin was the one who get the train to stop…i at least got the lights on before i shocked myself and injured my back against a metal poll. Norrin and I were able to get inside the front car and met Darius who goes by Dyrax. he taught jin how to make a copy of himself after he took over his body.

Sefrin and Hats finally showed up but had to let Dyrax go. After Dyrax left Sefrin took us to section 34. where we were going to learn about something from Lilith…but she isn’t as nice as I thought she was going to be, especially after we had weepers attack us.


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