Wasteland 2

The adventure of the Darkest Heart

The lost story

The beginnings of this tale doesn’t begin with the mutant known as Dark Heart but with why he is called dark heart. Long ago before he met the group, the tribe know as The Stone was where he grew up as you would guess they were savage killers with a bad habit of getting in trouble with the locals so they sent dark heart into the cities and blamed it on him saying he was the one who rapped and killed the women and sold them as slaves, And it was with that act his tribe beheaded his wife and raped his mother before killing her (and of course he was restrained by the elders) and forced to watch it all years after the event he was forced out of the city jail he and he knew there would be death to pay for the crimes in his name and that the stones would pay with every drop of there blood so as he was being dropped off at the gates he caught a guard off focus and broke his neck and used his gun as his own. But he knew were the tribe often goes for celebrations so he waited there for what seemed like days if not weeks but it was nothing he couldn’t bare because of what they did to him his anger was enough to keep him going. Finally off in the sands he heard the great war drum of his X-tribe and he didn’t even have a plan he just charged straight at them with only a rifle he had taken yet he didn’t know how it worked but in his soul he knew that lord Ga-bu was watching and that if he would die he would die with the blood of his tribe dripping form his own fingers, But what he didn’t know was that he was already impelled by three spears but the pain only made him want to kill them that much more. The sight of a mutant fighting while dying was something that the Elders would call the Rage of Ga-bu and as he stood before the elder seats as the head elder was getting ready for battle, The young Mutant threw down his weapon and stated that only a real mutant fights to the death with with his hands! But the elder knew that this would not go unseen by the other tribes so the War-Chieftain dropped his hammer and looked at this bleeding wounded thing of a mutant and said i would never had guessed that a pest could make it this far, He would fight this hand to hand combat but being an aged battle worn leader he had the upper hand taking the blows of this angry fighter was his best way to make sure to tire him out and then struck a heavy blow to his leg tipping over this young child, And as he got in close to take his life an unseen kick knocked the elder over and as the young fighter got to his feet he knew the only way to win was to choke the life out of this elder, and with his big arms he gripped the elders neck as tight as he could the elder kicked a little bit gasping before lying limp on the floor and the young mutant grabbed the dagger from the elders boot and carved out the Elders heart and held it before the broken tribe and with a deathly smile he ate it, So the the 5 great tribes that were left in shock named him Dark Heart because his heart was as black as night and as cold as the blood that stained it.


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