Wasteland 2

Weepers part 2

Apparently Dyrax was infected with the weeper poison. We only had a little bit of time before he would turn into a weeper himself. Rio said there was no cure, but there was a way to slow it down. in the hallway from where the weeper originally came from there was a room that contained cryostats which could slow down the spread but that would mean he was stuck down here forever or until a real cure was made. Sefern (sp?) was still in her confused spell so i had to carry her into the hallway where a Gribbler attacked me. I escaped but i don’t know how many more are around. Dyrax spotted a switch on the wall next to a panel of buttons, he told me to take sefren back to the operating room and ask Rio what the switch was…it was to turn off the cleaning robots, but the robots had already been dismantled long before we ever got there. by then Sefren was awake and told us what HATS stood for. Never knew it stood for Human Authority. so now its just sefren and I.


camuss111 scope2

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