• Cheshyre/Kingsly (MIA)

    Cheshyre/Kingsly (MIA)

    This poor soul has suffered such horrible experiences that it caused a fissure in his mind, Enter Cheshyre
  • Dark Heart/Old Heart (KIA)

    Dark Heart/Old Heart (KIA)

    long brown hair, silver eyes, heavy build, wears anything that fits at the time hides, rare armor that's big enough, or just really long pieces of cloth. He can speak like a human, but only in very odd times will he have the right speech.
  • Evanna (Daughter of Old/Dark Heart)

    Evanna (Daughter of Old/Dark Heart)

    Tiny, Skinny build, Long black hair, Creamy white skin, Red eyes and likes to wear little cute dresses. If you stare to long it's like she's almost doll like... very creepy
  • GinGin


    a red scaled nockmmaar, from clan jurasek
  • Hakman


    5' 11" short spiked blonde hair
  • Hakumei


    As a male human it is 6'2" slim and tho strong has some muscle tone
  • Ishfa of nowhere

    Ishfa of nowhere

    Is 6'2" slim and tho strong has some muscle tone
  • Jiro


    Tall, slim build, long black hair.
  • Kchynke


    Kchynke of Clan Markteste (very dramatic)
  • Korran


    Tolaris assassin from the army of the west
  • Lysandrea "Lys" Holt

    Lysandrea "Lys" Holt

    "Who says scientists need to wear lab coats and carry flasks? I prefer a duster and a sniper rifle." - Lysandrea Holt
  • Norrin Merlox

    Norrin Merlox

    one sly man


    an Ancient One locked up by H.A.T.S.
  • Polúmetis Vestus

    Polúmetis Vestus

    I thought i was dead! I was dead! now how did i come back to life is the question?
  • Rosswald Pachera

    Rosswald Pachera

    "Most people call me Ross", "My Name is Not Virgil!!!"
  • Theron (KIA)

    Theron (KIA)

    Intelligent, manipulative, sarcastic, and righteous. Not an incredible fighter but he has his moments.
  • Vass Earthstepper

    Vass Earthstepper

    "We live by the desert, we die by the desert."
  • Vekk (KIA)

    Vekk (KIA)

    I makes explosives, Bokka!
  • Vektis (Last Name Unknown)

    Vektis (Last Name Unknown)

    A common, stereotypical Nockmaar.
  • Zhivago (MIA)

    Zhivago (MIA)

    Diplomat on a mission from his home village