Cheshyre/Kingsly (MIA)

This poor soul has suffered such horrible experiences that it caused a fissure in his mind, Enter Cheshyre


Lvl 5 human
exp: /600
hp: 380/400

char: 4
str: 14
Str mitigated (14)
stam: 24
agil: 12
dex: 30
int: 11
health: 16
End- 340
Melee-17 +20
Energy- 220

Aura sense-52
Aura trace- 4 base
Aura defense-81

cook: 15
craft: 34
build: 21
comm: 20
surv: 34
acro: 42
diplo: 39
percep: 47

  • Cheshyre is about 6’3" when he stands completely upright, although he is almost always found hunched over or curled slightly as if he was more feline in his movement which causes him to stand about 4’5"
  • Cheshyre has a rather strange habit of using knives and anything else that could be described as,in cheshyre’s mind,“My Shinies.” Which usually consist of something sharp and somewhat easily handled in a lethal mannerisms.
    1x lantern (oil and fuse), 1x oil refill, 1x 10 count flare box,Whetstone, Sheath
    New inventory

alric army armor- +30 Def, 10% poison resist,2% resist instant K0

New armor(simulation armour)
Leather armor

Flint steel
Artist leaves
Bone shard

New weapons
Jonas’ gun

Ex Klein Company dagger- +30 attack,10% instant stealth KO,Thrown capability, +10 melee 20% prone
meteorum make
2x basic knives


When Cheshyre was still known as Kingsley Spoill-larrzz He had begun his travels on his own to find a place to settle down and start a family, he fell in love with a young woman and they settled down to make a family, which they birthed one young girl,They named her and began to raise her. One day after spending a good while hunting for his family’s dinner for the next few days. He had come home to find that a marauding war-party had stumbled upon his homestead and murdered his family, and left their parts splayed across the walls. This shock caused his mind to shatter, he passed out and when he awoke he was in a place that seemed so unfamiliar to his new conscience,a place that seemed to once have been a home now desecrated by bodies strewn everywhere.
He began to wander about seeking some purpose in his existence, leading him to the Tolaris Army of the East.

Since then Tilwreck managed to somehow get his maddened hands on Cheshyre, His curiousity leading him to try and break the already mad-man’s mind to see how far the chaos could be encouraged.
He was known to Tilwreck as Project number 17

He has since met with his party once more and taken down the first Construct known as Herman, they have since went elsewhere, Now they are sneaking their way into the tower of New Town and the chamber-pot of secrets.

Cheshyre/Kingsly (MIA)

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