Creole Tenks

A middle aged wastelander who has suffered a personal tragedy.


Quick on the draw and lethal by most standards, Creole claims to have only one bearing in life, to find a way to bring back his wife. Having taken the name Elem from stories in Herman’s time, he worked with the village of nomads and was eventually sent out to find Hyve and Elaina some help. Creole encountered Jiro and then Zeon and now has agreed to go with them into Endriel.

Creole wears his hair long and shaggy, often slicked back beneath his shallow short brimmed hat. He sports wrappings around both of his arms (of a black leather kind) and wears a single glove, with metal tipped knuckles on his gun hand. His face is narrowish, with permanently hollowed eyes and a wiry, thin jaw. He is mostly clean shaven and has bold green eyes. Creole always wears a marksman coat, with many pockets to collect desert supplies, and carries a satchel at the small of his back. A trick knife up his sleeve is loaded with a springboard for short range firing and his hooded shirt is plain olive green with zippered pockets and front. Creole wears a bangle that he says belonged to his wife, but it is now covered in cloth to prevent sand and blood. He wears slim-fitting waster pants and high-quality desert boots that seem almost military in style.

Creole has stated that he is working for someone looking for the four cities in the Humris Desert, but has made it clear that this contract is at least 12 years old. He claims to have found peace with the nomads but ventures into Endriel anyway.


Creole Tenks

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