Dark Heart/Old Heart (KIA)

long brown hair, silver eyes, heavy build, wears anything that fits at the time hides, rare armor that's big enough, or just really long pieces of cloth. He can speak like a human, but only in very odd times will he have the right speech.


Old heart: Name. Old heart blind
Kill count.
Age. 68
Hit Points. 500/500
Level. 14 XP. 6245/8000
Aura defense. 75
Aura sense. 49
Fortitude. 75

Hit points. 20
Strength. 29
Stamina. 14
Agility. 12 (+4) 16
Intelligence. 11
Dexterity. 8
Character. 9

Mêlée. 57 (60)(5) 122
Defense. 15 (35)(-2) 48
Attack. 31 (
35 attk) 66
Energy. 87/130
Endurance. 390

Cook. 52
Craft. 48
Build. 16
Communication. 39
Acrobatic. 57
Survival. 55
Diplomatic. 52
Perception. 46

Arm cannon (2 aim)(impact)(-2 deff)(?)(?)(50% backfire)(10% explode)
Cactus leaf (
50% P. Damage)(35 Mêlée)(-10 agility)(10% stun)(range 10-15 feet)
Crossbow (20 normal bolts)(7 electronic bolts)(0 ice bolts)(5 fire)(2 damage per target)(10 attk)(+5% bleed)(one shot use)

Chest armour (20 deff)(4 agility)(5% deflect mêlée attk)
Steel vibration boots (
50% daze)(5 deff)
Mutant shield (
10 deff)(+5 mêlée)(2 open slots)

Special moves/special items
Gabu’s Vision (aoe heal uses 60 energy 9 feet 40% current hp)
Totem (+50% deff)
Bite (3 per damage)
Headbutt (4 per damage)
Tackle (5 + critical)(10% bone break)
Berserker dash (acrobatic + d6 = yards)


Dark Heart finds fighting as easy as eating a fruit witch he also loves. little is known of where he was from but he says he had a fun time in the playground. AKA pit-matches"fights to the death". But Dark Heart is in fact in love with someone but that’s a different story. For a other time but all i will say on this is that she has no ideal that he can even think or feel love. As he learns more of his friends the more he can talk about himself but darkheart is not an open person you’ll need to bribe him with something 1st. Taking every battle into his brain (witch is not as small as others) he is a fast learner on fighting and oddly enough cooking and crafting. And the oddest thing about darkheart other than him being in love is that he is very kind if you don’t get him arrested (aka when Polúmetis got punched in the face).

Finding his daughter being a strip-club manager didn’t surprise him knowing that she gets that from both her mother and his own sexual desire, but wants to bring her to the greater knowledge and understanding of what the world really is and why he needs her help.

Dark Heart/Old Heart (KIA)

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