Evanna (Daughter of Old/Dark Heart)

Tiny, Skinny build, Long black hair, Creamy white skin, Red eyes and likes to wear little cute dresses. If you stare to long it's like she's almost doll like... very creepy


Evanna: Name. Evanna initiative points:
Kill count
Age. 21
H. 5"5
Hp. 291/300
Level 5 XP. 545/1600
Aura defense. 67
Aura sense. 39
Fortitude. 50

Hit points. 12
Strength. 13
Stamina. 7
Agility. 7 (+4) 11
Intelligent. 5
Dexterity. 7
Character. 3

Mêlée. 22
Defense. 6 (20)(3)(10)(5) 44
Attack. 20
Energy. 80
Endurance. 160

Cook. 4
Craft. 3
Build. 10
Communication. 0
Acrobatic. 11
Survival. 11
Diplomatic. 2
Perception. 3

Special moves/Special items
Blessing of Gabu 10 feet all states
30 aura 50% less uses 150 energy and 70hp
Punch. (-15 energy) range. 3 feet damage. 2
Kick. (-20 energy) range. 4 feet damage. 3
Strangle. (-40 energy) range. 1-2 feet damage. 5

Newtown SMG 6 burst 1/6/11 (15attk)(-1aim)(10true damage)
Electric blade (

Chest Armour (20deff)(4agil)(5%deflect mêlée attack)
Steel vibrating boots (
Basic belt (
3deff)(5 slots)
Mutant Shield (10deff)(5mêlée)(2open slots)

Newtown top secret documents
13 A. Leaves
Newtown scanner
Newtown Com-link
Newtown name-bage (Kenneth)
4 plates of construct metal
Bar of construct metal
3 broken pieces of construct bars



She is 21 but due to her unnatural aging she appears to be about 18. For in-game knowledge. So if your playing a human male be warned she will fantasize about you sooner or later. So please bare with it or take advantage of it your decision.


Little is known about Evanna. But what she did know about her childhood was lost in history due to time shifts that affected her memory but she knows what she is a real mutant/human a hybrid. And what her farther is due to strong connections between Mutants and their bonds but her memory’s are hazy beyond that. But on the other hand her best traits is that she is a fast learner and quick on her feet but still holds the mutants strength. Her downfall is she often finds herself gazing upon human males fixated on their “Structure” and build, very Flirty. Due to her sexual Needs she became a manager of a w**** House until she found a man by the name of dark heart claiming to be her dad then she realized that she could no longer continue life as she knew it, she was faced with the choice, continue living life in the city making a dirty dollar, or join the so called group of misfits to fight for a better cause.

Evanna (Daughter of Old/Dark Heart)

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