Grezentheys Leon {String 1} (KIA)

The former leader of Altfelter. Has left the Wasteland to tear itself apart for unknown reasons.


HP: ?????




Serrated Klimt Knife x2
Rabbit Stalker x2
Combat Dagger x2
10 m-150 Combat blade

Black Horn Revolver

Ragged Gentleman’s Cloak
Blue Duster
Geodium Combat Boots


Grezentheys Leon, also known as simply Leon, is the former leader of Altfelter and it’s most recent founder. Leon is solely responsible for the formation of Altfelter’s AHA (agency for human advancement) division, and the main contributor to his own research. It is said that Leon founded Altfelter after the end of the Nockmaar Wars 200 years previous, but that would mean he is of incredible age. It seems more likely that he is just the descendant of the man who did, and happens to have the same last name.

Leon and Sais have obviously worked together for a long time, as evidenced by when the group is first hired and how Dark Heart was strong-armed into joining. Sais even hints that Leon and he have fought against each other and together against unnamed enemies.

Leon is soft spoken but arrogant. His ideas and philosophies are more personally driven than Sais’s and he talks about the history of the world at small length. Harsh and practical, the man is well suited to the Wasteland of old – almost mirroring it’s viciousness and strange, wild beauty. He tends to use knives over any other form of weapon, and, while not sharing Sais’ and Elaina’s incredible speed, is a master close quarters fighter and expert marksman with both knife and gun. Grezentheys tends to be much more diplomatic and communicative than Sais – arranging trade routes and caravans across the Wastes.

Grezentheys wears a dark blue suit coat, with a white collared shirt underneath – opened at the top. Occasionally he is seen sporting a bird skull bola tie, but more often than not the shirt is plain. Grezentheys wears blocky sunglasses and often has his hair combed back, his hair is mostly raven black with grey streaks. He always wears a black driver glove on his right hand and a fingerless white one on the other. Underneath his coat, he wears a shoulder harness modified to hold knives and keeps an ebony black revolver at his left hip. Grezentheys wears streamlined, fitted black pants and high-quality leather combat boots.

As far as personality is concerned, it is somewhat easy to determine that he keeps much to himself but disarms most people with an easy demeanor and essence of camaraderie. Grezentheys is not known for his mercy and practices almost draconian measures of law. He is heavily concerned with the advancement of mankind so that it will become the only power in the Wastes. Also his patronage of Endriel assures that he is knowledgeable of Archons. All told, Leon is still mostly enigma, wrapped in a loose cloak of concern. His current actions have lead to the dissolution of Altfelter as a power, he, however; seems almost unaffected and indeed emphatic about the current political state.

Eventually, Leon was killed by Purguis at the controls of Project TITAN. He was never more holier than that moment (gunshot to the eye)

Grezentheys Leon {String 1} (KIA)

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