As a male human it is 6'2" slim and tho strong has some muscle tone




Energy moves:
Psychic shot
Aura pierce

armor: steele armor +14 def -2 agil +2 life – 2 dex .05% deflect bullets
wayfarer boots +6 def +2 dodge +2 agil +3 dex -1 stam -1 str -2 endr
Desert overcoat +6 def +3 endr +2 aim +1 aim to melee

weapon: hand plating +1 atk +2 str
snadelwood pistol +3 aim +4 atk
sandelwood handle 6 shot revolver +16 atk +6 aim -4 agil +2 endr -1 acro
channel sword +16 atk -4 agil -3 dex 10% bleed out 2% faint
2x crystal daggers +9 atk +6 melee +2 damage -3 dex

Bullets: 8x lead bullets 10x porcelain gold bullets

support: 2x vial of processor fluid
1x bag of artistes leaves (5 uses)
1x bandages
1x tourniquet kit
1x fluid sate inducer (FSI)
2x healing putouses
2x healing shots

Materials: 1x Whet stone
22x razor sharp hooked teeth
1x steel bar

survival: 1x glass jar
2x rope
1x tear of the sun



A long and seemingly endless life has taken its toll on this Gnosi. Years of countless lives are stored in it memory, as far back to as the fist time that they have used arua. It stands the last of its kind a outcast of the Gnosi long forgotten by time. It was at every major event throughout history form the distraction of its own plant to the last great battle of the Nockmaar war. It has reveled little about how much it knows about the Archons but signs point to knowing the old ones like Herman or even older for the information in its mind is vast and in the wrong hands can lead to the destruction. In combat it is as quick with its mind as it’s with its feet able to analyze and see weak points in any enemy with in seconds of meeting them. Tho it is mostly a free living kind which is odd in this land of the waste but it has seen enough death that it learned that life can be so here is killed or be killed that goes without saying but when theres a party don’t pass up on it for it could be your last joyful memory before you die….

Catch phrase: "did you hear th……(sound of knife slitting throat) ummmmm frank…….. AH………(sound of knife stabbing through a chest cavity)…..whispering “no im sorry frank did not hear that”

Description:medium short brown hair with the top of his right ear missing his eyes are hazel with a dark cooper ring in them he has the look of a 29 year old man that has a tired look in and around his eyes


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