Lysandrea "Lys" Holt

"Who says scientists need to wear lab coats and carry flasks? I prefer a duster and a sniper rifle." - Lysandrea Holt


Human Female

HP: 175 (100 current)

Strength: 0
Health: 7
Stamina: 6
Agility: 7
Intellect: 10
Dexterity: 7
Character: 8

Defense: 0
Attack: 5
Energy: 5
Endurance: 50
Melee: 8

Cooking: 9
Crafting: 10
Building: 13
Communication: 8
Survival: 13
Acrobatics: 12
Diplomacy: 10
Perception: 7

Altfelter Special Sniper Rifle
Piercing damage
+25 damage
+2 aim
10% crit chance

+microchip from plant al a catharan race demise

Ability: Roll perception to see strings. Can manipulate.

Character distribution point.

2×? Hidden Knowledge C

While most of Lysandrea’s colleagues spend time holed up in laboratories, Lys spends her time out on the field studying and tinkering. She never felt at home in the sterile rooms with the equally sterile personalities of her peers, and with good reason. Lys was raised by her father, who instilled at a young age the harsh reality of the world in which they lived. He would take her out on camping expeditions and teach her everything she needed to know to survive and hunt in their unkind land. Ever the curious child, Lys would always bombard her father with questions he did not know the answers to, thus he decided to do everything he could to make sure she could get answers. At first, studying for Lys was awkward. She felt the need to try harder than she really needed to, as she had a vision of the way a scientist SHOULD be. After a time however, it became clear that academia came quite naturally. Her ever inquisitive mind led to in depth studies and eventually she was able to pursue her dreams of Scientific study. She spent a short time working in a lab, but quickly grew bored of the environment and began searching for a way for her to enter field studies. After 2 years of looking for a way to study out on the field, a mysterious benefactor sent her off to study some ruins and collect data…4

Lysandrea "Lys" Holt

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