I’ve become the Master – Killed Leon

Strength: 8(25)
Health: 10(25[HP])
Stamina: 5(25)
Agility: 12(25)
Intelligence: 6(25)
Dexterity: 18(25)
Character: 1(25)

Defense: 3
Attack: 15
Melee: 14
Energy: 40
Endurance: 90
HP: 195/391
Aura Def: 33
Fortitude: lvl 1

Cook: 15
Craft: 30
Build: 50
Comm: 25
Surv: 27
Acro: 43
Dip: 36
Perc: 8

Armor (probably gone check character sheet)
-Dune Raider Armor: Spiked, 35% Defense roll, +2 Def, 100% Resistance to status effect, 10% Break, 3% Dodge, +5 Melee
Light Inventory Satchel: +100 Inventory
-Adamant Shield: +60 to all Defense

Weapons(check sheet)
-Silver Ridge Revolver: 10 Shot, 5.2mm, +30% Attack Roll, +10 Melee, 3% Bleed
-Double SMG: 25 Atk, Aim +1, ?, ?, ?, Self Replenishing Ammo
-New! from dark lands.
-ModernPistol x2: 16 shots a clip, a box of clips
-Blackburn Revolver: +10 Dam, 10% pierce, 10% Bleed, ?

Currency:(check sheet)
-Skulls: 4 Normal/ 7 Lacquered/ 1 Jeweled/ 2 Gold
-Gold Bars *100(?)
Ammo/Exposives:(check Sheet)
-Dynamite *5
-306 5.2mm Bullets
-Box of Shotgun Shells *1
Stuff:(check sheet)
-Ancient Bracers
-Falkcompany Dagger
-Flattened Bullets *3
-Prairie Dog Whiskey *2
-Altfelter Emblem
-Tilrec’s Jellyfish Book
New! from dark lands.
-Water Skin: 13 charges
-Gabu fruit x 3
-3 bottles of painkillers

Hood & Cloak (looks eerily similiar to that worn by Ikala)

Alric’s Lady: Rifle- 16 hp, 50% Bleed, 25% Stun, 100% Trauma, 10% Bloodlust, +220 Atk, ?, ?, ???, Kinetic Barrier (10 Rnged Dmg & -30% Rng Dmg)
Rifle: +35 Atk, + 8 Aim, 40% Electric
Dagger: Electric 70%
Bone Knife



I completely forgot I was supposed to post something, until the last possible minute.

Seesion 6/20/18: Talked to an android with Stander. We were told that since Metis is planning to become the leader of the tribe(Title is Corel[important]) we should look for the original Corel’s dagger which may be able to threaten Alexander with the original strand of NGMO. The ruined temple(?) that has the dagger(or starts the journey for it) also has more information on Archons. The android (calls itself ‘Providence’) allowed us to take some equipment and survival gear. As we were leaving I heard a voice in the back of my head it said ‘Search for what the Dreamers left behind.

Session 9/19/18: We got away from the weird construct when Norrin caused amnesia in it. I found some tracks away from the fight we followed the left one and heard chanting ‘Mathias’, Metis attracted tall ‘Weepers’ accidentally (Attracted to noise). After a short skirmish the ‘Weepers’ stopped as we stopped making noise. Once it stopped a pygmy king (?) came forward and the ‘Weepers’ bowed to him. It interacted with Pergius and Lys, said ‘Mathias’. I responded with Hully and it pointed to a statue of Hully holding a dead Sais over him.


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