Polúmetis Vestus

I thought i was dead! I was dead! now how did i come back to life is the question?


Name: Polúmetis (Metis)
Age: 20
HP: 325/325
initiative points:
XP: 1020/1200
Lvl: 7
Gender: male
Race: human?

Load out: wayfarer
Materials: chemistry kit (confiscated)

Personal stats
Strength: 28
Health: 13
Stamina: 6
Agility: 36
Intellect: 8
Dexterity: 10
Character: 0

Ability stats
Cook: 28
Craft: 7
Build: 10
Communication: 3
Survival: 10
Acrobatics 41
Diplomacy: 0
Perception: 13
fortitude lvl: 1 rating: 1,100
effect stats
melee: 37/50
Attack: 1/16
Defense: 22/57
Energy: 210/210
Endurance: 300/300
Defense 92
Sense 54

Jonas’ revolver (confiscated)
+45 Atk +3 aim 3% bleed 2% kickback +3 agi -1/2 stamina +200 aura def wave shot

weary traveler’s boots (confiscated)
+6 movment sheath in heel -2 agi

bolt action rifle 24 rounds in ammo (confiscated)
+15 atk +2 aim +5 melee -1 def 5% bleedout

knife (confiscated)
+3 to atk; 2% poison chance

duskraider armour (confiscated)
+18% to atk roll; +1Def; 50% chance resist status; 3% dodge chance; +3 melee; 10% break chance

kinetic barrier (confiscated)
30% deflect -10 def against melee +10 def against bullets/ projectiles

Light refraction tech (confiscated)
D20 timer limited invisiblility

trench knife ( equipped)
50 base atk; 50% poison chance

sniper rifle (broken)
7 nma rounds
+10 to aim

bolt action rifle (equipped)
23 rounds
+15 atk +2 aim +5 melee


a young man born and raised in the hellscape known as the wasteland, polumetis is his namesake; man of many instruments; he didn’t know what else to do other than become a hired hand in his home village when he had seen a strange posting up on the public notice board about a company named altfelter and that they were hiring for something. the village that he had grown up alone in was a dusty, small place and the people there were passing through were as rough as the wastes themselves. even though he’d been orphaned since the age of ten, he felt like he lived in that village all of his life, and he scraped a living off of the dusty roads he called home. yet, growing up without any scrape of a family; he had learned to forget about certain worries and just focus on life itself, try to understand it more fully.

Polúmetis Vestus

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