Rosswald Pachera

"Most people call me Ross", "My Name is Not Virgil!!!"


Name: Rosswald Pachera (Ross)
Race: human, A.I.
Age:twenties, ???

Lvl: 2 HP:190/225 Exp: 1,360/2,000
Base Stats:
Str: 9
Stam: 8
Agil: 7
Intel: 29
Dex: 7
Char: 6

Def:(25 shield)(5)
Attack:14 (12)
Endurance: 130/130
Aura Def: 57/57
Base Def: 25
Aura sense: 38/38

Survival: 16
Acro: 17 (3)
Perception: 6
Diplomacy: 11(

Equipment: shield (10% Def vs blades, -30% bleed, roll Str. minus Stam. 10 for bash
FireBolt: Ross’s pistol (
103 to Atk, 20% bleed, 70% fire, 20 melee. 40% atk, 70 energy, 20% aura atk)
Black Leather armor: (
30 def, -2 aim, -10% stealth) 1 pistol: (8 shot, 15 atk, -4 agil, +2 melee, 30% stun)
blk. leather desert boots: (
3 speed, -10 energy) Basic Belt: (5 slots), Light Satchel, holster: (+3 def, 1 gun)
Helmet: (-1 perc, +2 def, -10 endurance) Rifle: (bleed 30%)


he is a smart man (only for the past things), brown hair, farm physique, glasses, broad shoulders, some what a good shooter, 6ft-3, left handed. Age: 23, He also had a branding tattoo on his back (one of the Nockmaar signs stating that he was a slave) along with a couple of scars as well. He has connections among the slaves from all over the Waste (DM decides how far) . .

Back story: He was born into a small town. of a family of 8 (Father, Mother, 4 sisters and 1 brother) he was the oldest sibling, His family ran the farm supplies of the town due to their large farm. The town had 10ft walls to keep out predators and raiders. He went to school all the way up to high school, He enjoys music and sometimes wrote some pieces for a hobby. He enjoyed high school because of one thing, Her.

The Girl Named Torri: Ross would always go outside during lunch to hide and watch the girl he was fond of, as she would sing by herself in the school’s garden. She had red hair with black tips, wore glasses every now and then, she was pretty with a scar on her left eye, she was skinny but not that skinny, she wore casual cloths mostly with formal dresses now and again. she loves music and would practiced her singing out where no one could find her. As he sat and watch Torri every now and again Ross would let out a long sigh. He would always tried to ask her out, but every time he got close he would freeze and say something random. Until the week of their school prom. He finally gathered up all of his courage and asked Torri out. “Yes i would love to go to the prom with you.” she smiled. Ross jumped up for joy,…only in his mind though “Ok” he said finally.

The Invasion: (He was 18 when this happened) During the week of prom he the school felt like another other day, Then the day of the prom was finally here. After the school day was over, Ross ran to his house to get ready for that night. His parents never felt so proud of him. Ross in a suit ran to Torri’s house to pick her up. (the town was so small that cars were a luxury) At Torri’s, Ross gotten permission from her parents and he waited for her to come out, What felt like an eternity, Torri came out in a lovely red dress that matched her hair. “Wow” Ross thought. They both walked to the prom. Everything was going along smoothly,…until They came. Halfway to the school, both realized that it was quiet, too quiet. Then all of a sudden a loud noise of gun firing was heard from neat the town’s wall, 3 Nockmaar ships flew over. The town’s military didn’t have a chance. 5 Nockmaar jumped out of one ship and landed right next to the couple (Ross and Torri), they were armed. “Get behind me!” Ross told Torri, she done so. “Back off” he yelled at one of the invaders. One of the Nockmaar reached out a grabbed Torri from behind them. “NO” Ross yelled while throwing a punch to the Nockmaar that was holding her. The other Nockmaar that he wasn’t paying attention to, hit him on the back of the head, causing Ross to fall down in agony. Ross was loosing consciousness, his last look was that of Torri being pulled away by 2 Nockmaar. “TORRI!!!” Ross yelled out to while reaching toward her, then he blackened out.

The Move: Many hours later Ross woke up to find himself tied by some sticky substance that bound his hands from the back. He looked up and saw he was in a large made up courtyard with barbed wiring fences. He wandered in the courtyard for a couple of minutes until he found his and Torri’s family in the same spot. He sighed with relief, but where was Torri? He and the families sat together for about 2 days to wait for their fate, then a long ship came to the courtyard docking area. The guards then proceeded to separate males from females. The females were the first to leave, Ross couldn’t help it but look depressed as he sees the ship with his mother and sisters on it disappear from the horizon. Then the other transport ship came to pick up him and the rest of the people. He grabbed a window seat. His view from normal life was his town,…emptied, quiet, with a few Nockmaar getting ready to move on to the next city. While they get ready to move out, they raided the food storage and set most of the buildings on fire. The last thing Ross saw, was his town,…his home in-gulped in flames.

The Slave: About 5 years (now current age) later Ross has been taken from his father and son due to his successful physique, he served many Nockmaar places, where ever slaves were needed. He did not hate the Nockmaar, in fact he saw some of the Nockmaar as slaves from losses of one of the tribal wars. “They are no different from humans” he thought. Then his last job as a slave was to work under an egotistic, greedy, obnoxious Nockmaar called N (Christian’s character). N was a Nockmaar that only cared for treasure, money and riches so far that he has left his military job. The 2 of them spent months finding treasure. Many a night, Ross always tells himself that his family will be ok. “Torri one day i will find you” he said to himself every night. He still has hopes of finding her someday.

“The Man with 9 scars”: [Discuss with DM]

The Unusual Party: One day as Ross and N were finding treasure in the desert, Ross while digging suddenly felt a “CLANG” as he vibrated with force. Both of them did not know what i could have been since this sound was larger then your average treasure chest. They both started digging, N was anticipated with excitement as he digs hoping to find burial site for many goodies, but Ross however had this uneasy feeling. About an hour later, they dug a trench to reveal a rather large pipe that was about 15 ft high. Ross then walked up to one of its walls and decided to knock on it. The pipe made a hollow sound as though it had a lot of room. Ross then nodded to N showing him it was indeed a hollow surface. However Ross heard strange mumbles from said pipe. “I think there are people inside?” he told N. “Ssstand back human” as he pulled a detonator on the wall and proceeded to blow it up, BOOM… the bomb left a large hole in it. Both walked in casually, N looked at the bodies of the guards to see what got caught in the blast. “It Isss Jussst Humansss, good”. “Now what?” said Ross. Both then heard guards running toward them from the hall. Both of them took cover behind left over boxes. Armed with his trusty rifle from home, Ross fired at his foes, killing one by shooting him in his hand that proceeded to split open. Then about 5 minutes of fighting, a yellow flash came from the opposite the 2 were firing from. All of a sudden a woman stood in front of them and made short work of the guards. This woman had blonde hair and was particularly good at combat (due to my bad memory i shall call her Blondie). Blondie then turned to us with a smile on her face. “Thank you for your assist” Ross said with a relaxed face. “What are you 2 doing in a place like this? And how did you guys get in here?” asked Blondie. “We dear human are looking for treasssure” said N with an egotistic stance. “As for how we got in?” Ross pointed at the large and noticeable hole in the wall. “Well since you guys are here, why not join our group so we all can get out safely from Tilrec’s Lab ok?”. "Well i could join you but my “master” would probably not let me" said Ross with annoyed expression on his face, while looking at N. “What master?” she said while holding her sword to N’s throat with a smile. “All i see is one independent human male, and a cowardly Knockmaar” she said proudly. “…I am finally free” said Ross. Ross then thought “If i stay with these guys, perhaps it will be easier finding Torri.” “Very well i accept you invite” He said with energy. And so the 4 left to where ever they were headed for. Many hours later until they finally got to the other members of this “party”. There were a couple of humans, some Nockmaar, and one big buff human called a Mutant. “What is this? He is like a human, but not” Ross thought with a shock on his face, as he never saw a mutant in his entire life. He introduced himself to the rest of the group.

Rosswald Pachera

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