Sanders, Gene

Interesting, if not mysterious wealthy stranger that has accosted the group in Endriel's Market


Sanders is a tall, handsome man of around 35 years old and obviously of high means and wealth. He has expressed interest in hiring the group to seek out an old, run-down city located between the nameless four towns in the middle of the Humis Desert. He has hinted that there are pieces of a larger puzzle hidden in each of the four towns. Even though the group turned down his offer, he has promised that soon he will be in touch.

The leader and pre-eminent officer of HATS, he is known as the commandant. He seeks to be able to ‘make’ Archons by technological means. Sander’s hasn’t tipped all his cards yet, and his identity remains largely unknown. He seems to command the respect and fear of HATS, an organization that he supposedly stripped away from Dyrax. Sanders also carries himself with confidence, as if he knows secrets that keep him aloft.

known for a single phrase, " I can’t hire Archons, well, not yet anyways."


Sanders, Gene

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