Vass Earthstepper

"We live by the desert, we die by the desert."


Race: Human
Level: 9
Exp: 190/2400

Strength: 22______________Cook:31
Health: 10 (5hp) _______________Craft:27
Stamina: 10_______________Build:57
Agility: 12(
Intelligence: 10 (10)__________Survival:62
Dex.: 15__________________Acro.:33
Character: 10_____________Diplo.:49
Def.12 (25)
Energy:220 /220
Health: (max)255 (Currently) 255 (condition) n/a
Fortitude: 55
Aura Sense:31
Aura Def: 62
Aura Trace: 4 (2.48)
Anti Toxin: 20 energy for 1 round
First Aid: Lv 1, ( 5 ft radius heals 20% max hp) 15 energy per person)
Single target- +1 atk dice for ally for 3 turns
(Permanent boost to prone def +2)
Resistants to borderline ? 25%
Self Defense: resist mind control (135 energy per round)

Items: Artists leaves (2 charges)
Ceria’s grace (amulet) Rally Cry 15ft radus +1 atk dice for self for 3 turns, +23 dex, +9 hp, +5 intel, 10% to bleed out def, 10% electric resistance, Expert Healing ability heal 50% hp

Desert boots: 5 def, +2 atk, +8 agl
Female Falcon Bridge armor : +45 Def, 3% shock resistance, 10% knock back, 5% half poison damage, ?, ?
Silicon Scale Armor: +38 Def, +15 aim, +10 Def against pysh. attk, 20%healing factor, roll d6 kinetic sheild when foe attk, ?
Ancient Bracer: ?

White Armor:45def, 10%resist bloodlust, +305trama resist
5agl, +18 stam, 50% electric res

Sais’ Gun-?
Scorpion Whip : 90% chance electricity, +30 atk, +10% bleed
Hard wrap whip : +10 Att, +3 Dex, +1 Int
Bird Shot Plasma Rifle: +35 ATT, 10% Stun, scatter, Battery based, 1%-10% instant death from far to near
Katar gloves: +25 ATT, +60 Melee, 25% bleed, 3% blind, 1% KO (broken)
Revolver Magnum: +26 ATK, 30% armor break, immobilize (creatures only), ?, ?, ???
Shock: (6 shot pistol) +6 intel, + 8 str
Awe: (6 shot pistol) +10 str, +15 hp
Weepers claw x2

Sais’ Gun Belt
Bag of artist leaves (2 charges)
falka company dagger
ngmo badge
LT shatchel +100 inventory
Rusty sword
300 sq.
gun powder
2 bullets

Current count of kills :0
overall kills: 11


My name is Vass. I hail from the nomadic tribe of Earthstepper. We constantly traveled the wastelands trading with other tribs or cities. Like my mother and grandmother, I am a desert veteran. I travel ahead of my caravens to scout out resting places or enimes. But Latly I have been wanting to just wonder the desert and know its secrets. My tribe leader gave me permission to travel the wilderness alone so I may become one with the wasteland and use it to my advantage. I do not trust anyone, and I really hardly talk. I always take my busniess seriously and never joke around. And rarely will anyone ever see me with out a weapon near me.

Though Vass is very quiet, she does have a certain beauty about her. Her eyes are like emeralds with spots of brown dirt covering it, while her long flowing hair of brown and gold reaches her waist and tends to follow the wind as it blows. Vass’s skin is paler than most travelers of the wasteland. Some might say it glows in the moonlight. She about the same height as most female humans, with a slight hourglass curve to her body. her face shows alot of hardship from the past but can still show some softness when she wants to.

Vass Earthstepper

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