Wasteland 2

Ross's Log 4

so many buttons, so little time

I was relief to find that my party was ok, Kidais has just regain all of his senses. Norrin was still playing catch up with Jevago and Lillith, however there was a 3rd member that i didnt recognize. Anywho i was still at the terminals trying to figure out how to move the gas away from both the places and finding a way out of this machine room (once again AKA the DiscoFunkaTron).
Norrin says to not mess with the machinery since he thinks i made things worse. Well he is kinda right, the good thing is that our room did not have the gas anymore,… the bad thing is, that the gas is now in the other room where Jevago and his team is.

Meanwhile trying to figure out the combinations to the codes, I did finally created a tunnel as the walls opened up from one side. Kidais said that he/she,…it? Will go and scout out the area. A few minutes later said that there was another entrance but a few stories down,… NOPE not going that way anytime soon.

Then Norrin had the idea of telling the mystery guy to try and “break Through” the very heavy plated vent.* Like that is going to work.* I heard a couple of bangs and then all of a sudden a loud screech, then i saw what looked like fingers growing out of the vent. As the fingers broke through the guy then proceeded to* BEND* the HEAVY PLATED VENT?!? To about the size of all 3 of us on this side of the room. A large face appeared on the other side of the hole, I was so shocked that i forgot what i was doing,…. oh yeah, gas. I looked at him and waved with a shocked face. It waved back while saying “Hi tiny man”. OK maybe i am not exactly a big brawny guy, but i was taller then most AVERAGE men.

Norrin proceeded to go on the other side of the vent. Got stuck half way. Kidais had to push him through. While i decided to still work on the terminals. After a conversation with Rio,…i mean Lillith. What ever happened to staying just male and female anyway? I soon heard that we are actually not allowed to go back outside to the surface, because we know about William Naroxi (AKA Tiny Man). That wont do, I am looking for someone and i am NOT going to stay here longer then what we have to in the first place. To make things more alarming, apparently Lilith said that HATS are actually the bad guys? And that Sephren is one of the “undercover” agents to help us or something like that. IS THERE ANYONE ONE I CAN ACTUALLY TRUST? Oh yeah Lilith can read minds apparently as well, but only if you let her,…i wont let that happened i do not want her to know what i am thinking. Did i mentioned we still had “company” coming?


camuss111 joshua_reinsch

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