Wasteland 2

Ross's Log 5

Skeletons in a closet,...xle sighx

Last time i last checked, i was stuck in the “DiscoFunkaTron” trying to figure what to do with the terminals, then i saw what looks like an extra room, so i went to see what was in, so that way i can try to find some sort of hint to how to crack the security codes. Lucky for the lock on the door was just an average lock, so i busted it with my shield.

The room was dark, and quiet,… too quiet. I looked on over to the other side of the room to find,…skeletons that were wearing lab coats,…great. All of a sudden i heard scuffling somewhere, looks like i am not alone, I need to hurry and find these damn codes.

Oh i forgot to mention, that Lillith betrayed us, and that there is a battle on the other side of the pipe that had a hole in it. Oh an HATS isnt far from us. I need hurry.


camuss111 joshua_reinsch

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