Wasteland 2

Ross's Log 2
great alone,... again

Well i do admit i was relieve to find myself out of that chlorine death pool, by grabbing on to the nearest ledge. “Hey guys i found a ledge we,…could,…grab…on?” he then look behind him as no one was there. “FFFUUUUUCCKKK!!!!” he said to himself. “NOW WHAT DO I DO NOW?” “Oh i know” “HEEELLLOOOO?” as he shouted to the pitch dark drop in front of him,…no answer. “great,…well then guess i have no choice but to follow this pipe” he turns around and started walking. “I hope those 2 will be alright?”. Minutes later he came to a door. “What is this? Well better open it to see if i can get to the others by a ladder or something?” He opened the door and noticed it was pretty dark, he can only see a couple of feet in front of him and 3 engines running, he noticed one of them was exhausting a purple vapor from its side. He found a switch and turned it on, slowly the lights in the room turned on section by section until he realized he was in a room full of machines. “This will take awhile”. Now he is stuck in a room full of machines and no one is around, he was alone in this very big room. “WARNING WARNING PURGING PROCESS ACTIVE” a load computer like voice said. “What ever that is, that does not sound good”.

The Dyrax's Log
Wretched Little Sobs (3-25-2015)

I engaged the nasty maggots these wastelanders have dubbed “Weepers” and one of them managed to tear its way into my abdomen. This species is wily and persistent, but their intelligence is negligible. After another, larger form latched onto my spine, I reshaped my spine for its claw to hook into the other. Poor sod didn’t see it coming. An odd aspect is how clever they believe themselves to be despite any obvious contrary to the matter. My chest bore a dead, infantile weeper. Filthy. However, their claws seem to rend both armor and each other, which could prove to be quite destructive had I brought anything with me from my time in that insipid tomb. Whether this could be taken as a blessing or not is yet to be determined, as their claws can deal out considerable damage both to its prey and one another.

One of the foul bit me. It bit me! How can these wretched creatures be so primitive, and yet so resilient? A venom surged through my veins, and I might not last, but with some luck we are in a medical ward. For the time being…

An earlier discovery with the sentry units revealed that they were armed with Type II heavy-grade explosives. Such a thing seems like a cautionary device, but suggests that these were assault droids capable of leveling a city if they were to lay seige. One particular explosive created a chain reaction with another, and the effect led to the toppling of a column. Needless to say, the ceiling may collapse at any minute.

The weepers remained persistent, tearing through the other from this rag-tag team Hyve insists on associating with, and now I find myself doing the same- at least for the time being. Sefren couldn’t die yet; not here. There were things I required of her aside from her image. However, a strange anomaly occurred involving her. On the verge of death with her chest cavity tore bare, her eyes turned a lambent green. She arose from this coma-like state and proceeded to off the opposition, including the “Weeper” clamped onto my arm. Sefren appears to have no recollection of this peculiar happenstance, but this appears to have struck some deep resonance within the other traveller. I delved into the recesses of her mind- a matter of luck connected to the Gnosi who released me from my confines- and found that she was connected to some crass butcherings; one whose name was Vass Earthstepper, a child of these lands, and another by the name of Tiresius Harper, a man whose role was unknown to me, but the name strikes some strange resemblance to me.

why did it have to be weepers.

So it was just Dyrax, Severin (sp?) And i left in the operating room. Norran left the door open which caused the weepers to start flooding in. Dyrax haddestroyed the robots that were trying to kill us with a bomb which only left us with one. It seemed that the weepers only wanted Dyrax until he went unconscious thenough they turned on my. My whip did moth in to them, but bombs seemed to hurt them enough that they would regenerate. I took a very nasty beating before severin woke up and did something to destroy the weepers. Her eyes wereally glowing green when this happened. I feel like I’ve seen this before but I can’t remember where.

Metis' thoughts
why are we always running?

Let’s see here, I’ve ran from mutants, a giant worm thing, a giant spider tank, asshole grezentheys, and a couple constructs, you’d think that it’d be easier to get away after all this time, not to mention the fact that I’ve already died(still trying to figure that one out, something to do with fates). To top it all, we can’t kill these assholes because another higher power or something equivalent is saying we can’t. wait, why are we sitting ducks in the middle of a lake? Why can’t I pedal faster? Why are they jumping at us? Why couldn’t we have stabbed them when we met them?

Let the Games begin!
Must go faster, must go faster, MUST GO FASTER!

We awoke after our ally in the night gave us supplies and directions. We opened the box given to us, Pergus got a rather nice gun, a cloak similar to the one Ikala of Tolaris wore (or so my inherited memories tell me and the rest agreed), a med kit, a couple of knives (one for me), and a very basic map.

We came out of the cave to emptiness, the sun apparently rose in the north according to our map. Xerxes performed a ritual sacrifice as blood and water came down the hillside and pooled at our feet. He bellowed out the rules to us, which effectively were “Survive”. We ran, I tripped initially but Metis grabbed me. We got to the trees and Xerxes halted his armies, giving us a 10 minute head start.

We traveled down a sort-of path. I managed to discern the markings we were told to follow, we kept going and I pulled ahead of everyone but managed to find a pit. Pergus and Metis pulled me out and I noticed a mosaic pattern of sorts showing the borgum symbol. We followed the body instead of the wings and came to a river. It took some debating but we went downstream and came to a lake. A large hill or small mountain of sorts was across the water and there was a Nockmaar carved in it, poised for attack and lunging at the lake. There was a boat there, it had a fire IN it, we dealt with that and removed the bodies… something bubbled below us as the bodies sank.

Xerxes and his army got to the shore as Metis paddled us with the one good paddle in the boat (the other was shattered sadly) and told us that the boat was left over from the Games that gifts were allowed in. He complimented our tactics but promised we would not escape. His borgum came down, Pergus attempted to shoot it but shot Xerxes instead. He was unfazed. Rather worried at this point but we are safe… for now.

Ross's Log
How do i work this thing again? OH here we go, i got it

Hello? hmm so this is what the party is writing down there logs in?. Looks like a box with a hologram in it. These future stuff is weird.

Well last time i recalled, We were at Section 34. i was separated with Norrin and (Katie’s Nockmaar) to retrieve something, but i forgot what it was, anyway to get where we needed to go we we had to get through a bunch of what were they again? “Weefers, Weeders, Weepers? ya Weepers” freakish creatures that i ever seen. Well we need to get through them somehow and i realized that regular attacks wont keep them down for long so i thought why not Rio use one of those bomb bots? Well it did the trick, and us three ran to what i thought was a laundry chute, but it was full of carcasses,…WHO PUT CARCASSES IN FREAKIN CHUTES?!!!!! Well after diving headfirst in the chute,…xshudersx Ughhhhh it makes me want to puke again for thinking about it, We landed in a big pile of rotten remains of something? and then we proceeded diving into a big pool of Chlorine,….great. Hopefully we will make it out of here alive, before we get our insides cleaned out.

Ross. (date here)

P.S. Did i mention that most of our party doesn’t know what bombs are?,….BOMBS REALLY?!!!

Metis's thoughts
yet another game

it’s not like i hate these games or anything, i just wish one of these days that i could go into these fights with my actual stuff. remembering that I really wanted to deck that one guy in the face, what was his name? Meh, doesn’t matter, this new game’s fucked up and now we have to out run another race to survive, still doesn’t feel as bad as getting flayed alive, or getting chucked around the sands by vek and the other mutants. i really wanted to cut that guy up for saying that I- I mean WE were about to be food, oh yeah, games starting.Polúmetis Vestus

Section 34

After all of us regained our memories we did escape Tilrech’s lab but ended up fighting a small legion of processors who came out of nowhere. After the processors were defeated, everyone started to drop like flies. Zhivago and I were smart enough to drop down and fake passing out…until they started to collect us into a flying ship. Thats when they found out i was still awake. i fell like i did ok fighting them until they used a flamethrower on my. i’m still surprised they healed me and fixed me up.

During our time in quarantine, this gave me time to think. Everyone else remember everything…but I don’t. I feel like i have someone else inside of me as well, I can remember number twenty telling me about starting a group known as tolaris. This name brought a memory or two that don’t belong to me. I don’t know what is going on with me but i hope to find out soon. if I don’t i’m afraid of what might happen.

Once our time in quarantine was over we were sent on a train to got to central to talk to the general or whoever was in charge of the city. The train didn’t stop at central. it also contained dead people, empty tanks, empty cages also a small and large aura fighting machines. I didn’t fight them, instead i tried to get the train to stop. Norrin was the one who get the train to stop…i at least got the lights on before i shocked myself and injured my back against a metal poll. Norrin and I were able to get inside the front car and met Darius who goes by Dyrax. he taught jin how to make a copy of himself after he took over his body.

Sefrin and Hats finally showed up but had to let Dyrax go. After Dyrax left Sefrin took us to section 34. where we were going to learn about something from Lilith…but she isn’t as nice as I thought she was going to be, especially after we had weepers attack us.

Constructs, time bubbles, and airloids
Oh my!

So, last I remember (Mind you it’s fuzzy) we had finally escaped the bowels of the desert and Tilrech’s “lab”, only to meet an army of Processors. We fought excellently, although we had superior offensive capabilities, they were far too numerous and surrounded us. When we seemed to be far too overwhelmed, Tilrech surfaced with a young prototype Construct. He proceeded to pop the remaining Processors and routed the remainder.

We spoke with Tilrech for a short time and eventually found a strange man whose name escapes me. Durhav? Doorhaze? Diram? He was the apparent mentor of the sword-wielding Nockmaar that we encountered and had seen footage of previously. Shortly after that, I was hit with something and blacked out.

We awoke to being prisoners of a group called Hats. We were cleansed of radiation poisoning and lost our gear. We were in a containment unit. I learned was “TV” is. It’s fascinating. We were then dropped on a train… turned out to be the wrong train. We found lots of dead things, empty cages, and what amounted to aquarium. We encountered mechanical beings that performed several aura-based attacks. I managed to sever the larger one’s aura abilities and used my aura abilities to control it. The mutant and Hyve managed to pull its head off its body.

After that, someone managed to open the door at the front of the train. I marched in and wound up meeting Darius first-hand. So first-hand that he took my body and put my mind in a box. I wonder to myself now if that is how Luzzil felt… still feels? I struck a temporary deal with Darius, including referring to him by his preferred name of Dyrax. He performed the Gnosi fission to get himself a new body with my memories and abilities. Upon recovering my body, he demonstrated abilities far beyond my own mastery, recalling genetic structures that I hardly remember even visually… He claimed he left a trigger in my memory to unlock my full potential (or something similar) and that it would be Construct-related to access what I need.



Norrin's log

Waking up in a desert seems far better than waking up in a tube. We now are sitting in a trapped room, filled with freezing lasers.

Alright, it’s been some time after those lasers. To make it a short story, I got my arm frozen off, replaced, and got my memory back. After all that, we found Sev and her group, the hats, and were sent to a beautiful city. In it was cars, trains, and this little box they called a teevee.
We stayed in quarentine for a couple of days, before getting on a horrible train. Apparently that wasn’t the right train for us anyways. Sev saved us, we let out a monster(Darius?), and now we have to survive a new thing. Weepers attacking us now, need to use my good arm for aiming(got my shoulder impaled).

so after heading down a chute, we find ourselves in the sewers. Almost drowning seems better than falling in the shit drain. Nokmarr looking bad, but he’ll survive. Now apparently the chute is cleaning itself, so we should be fine if we can get up this ladder. Not sure if I can or not, but the nokmarr is finally awake.

Finding time to write is precious in the wastes, but we have the time now. After fighting Lilith, we met up with oldheart and went towards a rift in the wall. Inside was a mountainous terrain where we found the rest of our party. After fighting a fate, we found durhof and a watcher. now we have two things that are all powerful, and we sent xercies, now known as Darius, to attack section 32. Dyrax was sent out of this time bubble thingie to find some rope for us to get out, but we aren’t so sure that he is coming back. But lady oda has a ship we might be able to use to escape, so the team is heading up the mountain after it. And don’t even get me started on the spiders…

So oda was a fate, and we met with Leon. Apparently we are in kombustra, and it’s a garbage dump of souls and things. We are setting out on missions to bring order with a group called Mephistopheles. After going with vas and oldheart to scavenge, we found a rocket in an abandoned ruins, now we are separated from oldheart. No tanky person is bad for us, as we are weakened from running and falling. Don’t quite know what to do now… Best to just push forward


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