Wasteland 2

Metis' thoughts.
Games, games, I won't lie.....

So we’re just going to wait on darius or dyrax, whatever his name is, while trying to understand how to use powers beyond our control. Yeah, it’s another thing that we’re going to have to learn just to make sure that we all survive this shit. I miss the days when we were all back in that shithole of a desert and just could deal with anything we ran into as a team, now we’re just getting along because we’re told we have to and not because we want to. I do like the weight behind these swords, really good for training with

Conbastra (sp?)

when pergius and i talked to the law bringer he talked about many things, partly about N.G.M.O and project Titan, and partly about conbastra and how we were in the time stream while we were talking to him. Pergius and I are now part of N.G.M.O. we don’t know who else is part of the group, but they will contact us once we get project titan back to section 32. After we talked with the Law Bringer the guards takes us to a small hut behind the temple where we rested while they gather some supplies for us since we couldn’t go into town and get it ourselves. When they returned they told us that Sefren was in jail because she was a Nugulch. people wanted her dead. The guards said they could get her out and have her meet up with us. Then we can….wait…we are IN Conbastra….we have to get to the bubble…the city were we were forced to abandon our stuff. I can our stuff back.

Underground city

After Alex dropped us into a dark hole, we landed on a very thick pile of bones. The fall wasn’t enough to kill us but enough to leave a few bruises. we found weapons, clothes, 15 sets of white armor, they were in excellent condition, and gunpowder that we used to make flash bombs against the same thing we went up against on the train. It also had several friends following us. Seferin, Pergus and I found a vast network of tunnels while running away from the mob. one of the paths had writing on it leading us towards what looked like the gates to an underground city. we were just told by the guard that we were to meet with the LawBringer their leader.

Ross's Log 5
Skeletons in a closet,...xle sighx

Last time i last checked, i was stuck in the “DiscoFunkaTron” trying to figure what to do with the terminals, then i saw what looks like an extra room, so i went to see what was in, so that way i can try to find some sort of hint to how to crack the security codes. Lucky for the lock on the door was just an average lock, so i busted it with my shield.

The room was dark, and quiet,… too quiet. I looked on over to the other side of the room to find,…skeletons that were wearing lab coats,…great. All of a sudden i heard scuffling somewhere, looks like i am not alone, I need to hurry and find these damn codes.

Oh i forgot to mention, that Lillith betrayed us, and that there is a battle on the other side of the pipe that had a hole in it. Oh an HATS isnt far from us. I need hurry.

Family history

After having a nice talk to Lady Ohta, Jin left to go somewhere deeper into the ship to create something that he said we needed. I have no idea what he was going to do but it sounded big. Lady Ohta mention a forge that Sefern, pergus and I could make weapons or armor from while we waited for Medis (sp?) to get a new body. As we explored the ship while on our way to the forge was noticed something stuck on the wall. i opened it with my sword revealing a A.I name Alex. when we told him all of our names he said our names were not in his databank until we can to Sefren. Apparently Alex knew about her family history, something she had no memory about, then alex dropped the floor under us talking about quarantine.

Let the cheating begin!
Seriously, Xerxes, stop.

So, after a bout with the strange aquatic thing that swallowed me, I managed to escape via sharp objects and some fortitude. The water was electrified, but once I realized I was able to deal with it, I promptly swam to land. Discovered a staircase up the mountain that had the Nockmaar statue, upon the summit was a caldera with an oasis and a ship in it. When the rest of the party finally caught up, a woman descended from the ship… She seemed familiar, though not to me directly, I don’t recall details though.

The woman explained how she held Xerxes’ daughter captive (I think) and that was why she wasn’t being bothered. She invited us in due to nightfall, also taking the time to show off the interior of the ship, which was malleable if one willed hard enough. It was easy going for me, of course. However, none of the mental constructions can exit the ship, it is only effective inside. She also mentioned the entire area The Games took place in was under Xerxes’ mental hold, including night and day. This also meant that the whole ‘if you survive the night you win’ was a scam, as dawn would never break until Xerxes willed it. Addendum: The woman has been here since before Xerxes and has been running an ‘experiment’ for many years.

Also, additionally, I found out Xerxes had changed his outward appearance, but as he had not initially suspected my capabilities, he took no effort to suppress his true self when I shook his hand upon our initial meeting. I had obtained the genetic information of his true identity, that of an old race called the Narlepse. They are tall, grey, humanoid, very lanky compared to most races. Ridges or spines protrude from my back, but they are not terribly useful. The jaw is… difficult to explain. Most fascinating, I perceive time differently. Instead of in fluid motion, I perceive it as many ‘snapshots’ that I can review at will. I have not attempted to review them when in my standard form, I will have to see how that works out for me later.

The woman mentioned an experiment to reverse the… process that Xerxes’ soldiers had undergone. Metis volunteered and managed to subdue most of his newfound primal instincts apparently. He was swiftly knocked out and the experimenting happened. While this was going on, I took the time to hand Perguis several Fluid State Inducers and caged myself, attempting to shift into the Borgum to see if I could maintain control. It Did Not Work. Addendum: The woman does not have DNA that I can utilize. Most interesting.

Speaking of Did Not Work, the process by which Metis was to be recovered was not going smoothly. The lady said she would attempt something but I can’t recall specifics. She also revealed herself to be The Gatekeeper… Metis’ fate has yet to be seen. Theoretically, if I stay in here long enough I can take some time to attempt to master things that I could never master in the Wasteland.

Ross's Log 4
so many buttons, so little time

I was relief to find that my party was ok, Kidais has just regain all of his senses. Norrin was still playing catch up with Jevago and Lillith, however there was a 3rd member that i didnt recognize. Anywho i was still at the terminals trying to figure out how to move the gas away from both the places and finding a way out of this machine room (once again AKA the DiscoFunkaTron).
Norrin says to not mess with the machinery since he thinks i made things worse. Well he is kinda right, the good thing is that our room did not have the gas anymore,… the bad thing is, that the gas is now in the other room where Jevago and his team is.

Meanwhile trying to figure out the combinations to the codes, I did finally created a tunnel as the walls opened up from one side. Kidais said that he/she,…it? Will go and scout out the area. A few minutes later said that there was another entrance but a few stories down,… NOPE not going that way anytime soon.

Then Norrin had the idea of telling the mystery guy to try and “break Through” the very heavy plated vent.* Like that is going to work.* I heard a couple of bangs and then all of a sudden a loud screech, then i saw what looked like fingers growing out of the vent. As the fingers broke through the guy then proceeded to* BEND* the HEAVY PLATED VENT?!? To about the size of all 3 of us on this side of the room. A large face appeared on the other side of the hole, I was so shocked that i forgot what i was doing,…. oh yeah, gas. I looked at him and waved with a shocked face. It waved back while saying “Hi tiny man”. OK maybe i am not exactly a big brawny guy, but i was taller then most AVERAGE men.

Norrin proceeded to go on the other side of the vent. Got stuck half way. Kidais had to push him through. While i decided to still work on the terminals. After a conversation with Rio,…i mean Lillith. What ever happened to staying just male and female anyway? I soon heard that we are actually not allowed to go back outside to the surface, because we know about William Naroxi (AKA Tiny Man). That wont do, I am looking for someone and i am NOT going to stay here longer then what we have to in the first place. To make things more alarming, apparently Lilith said that HATS are actually the bad guys? And that Sephren is one of the “undercover” agents to help us or something like that. IS THERE ANYONE ONE I CAN ACTUALLY TRUST? Oh yeah Lilith can read minds apparently as well, but only if you let her,…i wont let that happened i do not want her to know what i am thinking. Did i mentioned we still had “company” coming?

Weepers part 2

Apparently Dyrax was infected with the weeper poison. We only had a little bit of time before he would turn into a weeper himself. Rio said there was no cure, but there was a way to slow it down. in the hallway from where the weeper originally came from there was a room that contained cryostats which could slow down the spread but that would mean he was stuck down here forever or until a real cure was made. Sefern (sp?) was still in her confused spell so i had to carry her into the hallway where a Gribbler attacked me. I escaped but i don’t know how many more are around. Dyrax spotted a switch on the wall next to a panel of buttons, he told me to take sefren back to the operating room and ask Rio what the switch was…it was to turn off the cleaning robots, but the robots had already been dismantled long before we ever got there. by then Sefren was awake and told us what HATS stood for. Never knew it stood for Human Authority. so now its just sefren and I.

Ross's Log 3
What is going on?!?

After what seems like an eternity (actually probably an hour or two) finally he heard one of the doors open to find his comrades again,… but they look like (and smell like) shit. “What happened?” he asked Norrin. “Dont ask” Norrin replied. The machine room they were in (AKA The DiscoFunkaTron) had a gas leak. So with a rag Ross had just picked up and tied it around his face, to protect him from the unfamiliar gas. “Better try to get rid of this stuff” He said while messing with the controls. After a few tries, he activated the fans in the vent to send the gas somewhere else. A couple minutes later he heard coughing from behind one of the big vents, only to find Jevago and Lillith/Rio behind it. “You guys ok?” He yelled to to others behind the vent. “YA just a gasss leak, itss sstinkss in here”. “Oops” thought Ross. “I wonder how that happened?” he lied. Then a few minutes passed and everyone was catching up to speed, until a huge explosion came from the side that had Jevago and Lillith in. “What WAS THAT?” Ross yelled to them. Lillith said “We got company….”

Perguis' Log

Morning started good, I got a new rifle, and a hood and cloak that looks oddly like that worn by Ikala, a knife looks like it was made of bone, I gave another one to Jin, Metis got some metals and the map. When we came out of our… room no one was around and the river cutting through the town was dried up, Xerxes(sp?) showed up explained the rules, don’t die or get captured, killed two of his own men and started the game. We got a 10 minute head start when we reached the forest which we needed since Jin tripped thankfully Metis was able to help him, while running Metis and I also tripped we helped each other so we could stay ahead. Hopefully we’ve read the signs correctly but I’,m starting to feel like this could be a trap. We found a boat at a lake, doused the fire on it and set out, Xerxes seems to think we knew that they couldn’t follow us into water and sent his pet Borgam and a minion ahead, I tried to shoot the Borgam while it was on Xerxes arm but hit him instead.

Paranoid Notes:
- Sentient Borgam stabbed ‘Guards’ and they got back up without raising an alarm.
- First sign was kind of obvious I don’t think Xerxes would miss it. Tree one side dead, living side has Borgam shaped leaves.
- Pet Borgam obey Xerxes Sentient Borgam are still unknown but same name, maybe they obey him for some reason
- Sentient Borgam said Xerxes cheats he could be setting a trap and was trying to warn us

Post 2:

So we met someone Metis calls Ohta and have been offered the chance to win the game via cheating( probably the only way). She says she might be able to reverse the ‘disease’ that changes people, which Metis volunteered to be the test subject. He took it pretty well until the parasite was removed and then he lost control, now he just wants to eat us. Jin turn Metis into a puddle with his gnosi tech, Fluid State Inducer. ‘Ohta’ is currently makinh a new body for Metis, while waiting Vaas and Sefren showed up. They apparently found a trap meant for Lilith and Rio, set by Xerxes. Also ‘Ohta’ has introduced us to new technology that Xerxes is using, Reality Manipulation, we can make things using our imagination but we can’t do this outside where Xerxes is controlling everything as he will not give us the chance.

Entry #3:

While waiting for Metis to get his new body Lady Ohta mentioned that there was a forge in the ship that we might be able to use but it could use all the power on the ship. Jin decided that he would be better off doing something on his own, that would help us, but he wouldn’t say more than that. Sefren, Vass and I decided to find the forge which is deeper in the ship, Ohta says she doesn’t go that far deeper into the ship as it isn’t necessary but she had explored a bit and found a forge but she had also heard something but never seen it, likely some kind of guardian. We resolved to go to the forge anyway and Ohta gave us the directions. On the way we walked into a circular room with some machinery in the wall that seemed to be trying to come out of the wall but was stuck, Vass decided to pry the thing out and we met Alex. Alex at first seemed confused it has apparently been conscious for a few thousand years and had nobody to talk to, but it, he?, was also a database for the ship and knew of Sefren’s family line,which he called a clan. The first Nugulch’s were hybrids that lived to be hundreds of years but eventually the clan ended, the second line was classified information and apparently we were standing on a trick floor.


We fell what felt like 15 feet into a room full of bones, after a bit of searching we found some armor that changed to fit us and a few bags of gunpowder, we also found some squares that may be a form of currency somewhere. After a little experimenting I found that we could still think things into existence, we made some weapons and I made a few flash-bangs. We decided to search the tunnels that left the room we were in and we quickly found a thing that was very similar to Airloids but noticeably different and enhanced by some group that wasn’t HATS. I threw a flash-bang and we ran. While running we saw a sign that said go this way to safety. After a little bit more running we found a sign that said this way to we ran to when we entered to airloid-thing’s eyes glazed over and it walked away. We werre questioned by a resident of the town, , we told him Alex sent us, and he responded that we were to meet the LawBringer.


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