Wasteland 2

A Deal With a Devil
Entry Log: Lysandrea Holt
I tell myself that I did it for science, but in reality I think I did it because my sanity is slowly slipping. I gave up what my father taught me so that the universe could become my guitar after a fashion. What I have seen thus far since accepting the offer to go into Herfled probably pales in comparison to what I am about to see. I do not think that this power was given to me for fun. What I do know is that the ability seems to be akin to what the fates might use. Maybe we can fight fire with fire? Is that the idea behind all of this? Only time will tell if this a blessing or a curse… I am sorry my journal entries have become more sporadic, that is the nature of my journey.
Guns of the Archons

PART I: A Ghost in the Guns

Date.... Fuck if I remember, hmm journal entry number 50
Bob's journal

have not wrote in my journal for the past few days… or weeks, don’t quite remember the time frame due to the few rift portals we went through these last few… days. It seems that my other self is still giving me memories of what i think is the past of this world I am travailing though as well as a few journal entries on the other side of this book… it is really odd, still. it seems that he is in the shit and got close to death a few times and myself? same shit different day.
Lets do a quick recap shall we? First I step out of a rift only to get thrown into combat with a group of people that i have no clue who they are, I manage to help them out and they let me join for a time, shortly after joining them we where set attacked by a hoard of Weapers (that is what they call them….) and we held ourselfs up in a temple of sorts… only to be attacked by a group of Nockmar that where not Nockmar or where bioticly upgraded Nockmar or something…. it was a confusing battle, to say the least.
What is also shitty is that the person who was the acting leader or at least the smart one of the group got killed from what I saw…. speaking of what i saw I seem to have another gift mommy!… fuck me this one is weird. There is something, some kind of energy i can pull on in order to get my sight of this world to change…. don’t know how but it seems to cause some things to appear… and others to glow like they are the sun. I am not sure why all this is happening but it is fuck up. Even more so when the glowing item pulls you into a dream like state and has you talk with a man that sees you as someone else. who is this Gresenthas person anyway?
Well to continue on the recap we ended up having the ground open up under us like it was a made of paper and boy was it a drop… when we finally stopped falling we hit a pocket of water only to find out it was condensed air (after a long time of trying to hold our breath and dive into it…. did not work out so well.) In this not so watery area we came across a new odd thing. A giant brain in the box…. that (from what it said) was a Promethin and for some reason had the minds of thousands of people if not more stored away. shortly there after we met a fish people (best as i can describe them) that had no idea what the surface was that that hated the brain (brains?) i the box. There was a fight between the two that our party stayed out of (they can be smart at times) and everyone was brought to the fish peoples home.
Now get this they had a room in the back of their temple (what is with all these temples…. oy) which they worshiped what looked to be 3 people… that where not people…. more like everything in a universe condensed into 3 beings, and to tell the truth that is the best way to describe it. They had no control over their form and they would change from time to time to other things… but where still able to talk, oddly.
After getting told by them that the item or person or whatever the others where looking for was inside a coin that seems to be a mico-universe (yet again best words) the three people told us the only way into the coin was a device that was upstairs, this device seems to brake down your body into something then shoots you in a energy beam (or something) into the coin… I chose to stay behind to try and find out how this thing worked in order to get everyone back… only to have a dooms day device trigger shortly after the others jumped into the coin.
I was given two options go into the coin myself or turn into the people who could not control their form…. ya not much of a choice right? After arriving… or falling into the coin (my tail still has a kink from that landing) I arrived to what looked like a war zone. The people there where fighting off a larger force that came by drop ship, I was captured by the people in the said drop ship (better then getting shot… from what i know my other half has experienced… it sucks)
After being lead onto the drop ship i was questioned then brought to their leader… This person called themselves the Caotices (no idea if i wrote that right… it was a vary odd name) and told me to call them Charley. Charley as it happens seems to be the… one of the three gods that where battling for control of the cosmos…. or something or other. All it seems to be to me is that 3 vary powerful people are trying to be called “God” at the same time but that is just conjecture.
Charley gave me a choice that was not a choice, help him or go to prison… yet again I can stop here so i helped him, god knows if I will be able to write in this log again after this…. lets hope so.

Hazzy Mind

I don’t remember much of what happened before I appeared in these swamps, but something tells me that Im at least happy that i didn’t appear there naked. The pair of people i found in the swamp appeared to have been running away from a construct that moved via the water ways. They are looking for something…or someone….. they mostly seen harmless and not a threat to me, so i will travel with them for a bit till my head clears up and i remember where i need to go and who i should be with.

Back to step one
Naked again

Everything thing I had on me is gone…..my pistols, my armor….and my fucking whip, but that wasn’t the worst of it. I lost and artifact. When that titan took me into his body…the Amulet of Ceria. Wife of the original Herman was destroyed when that monster took me. I have lost everything and am back to step one again. I’m naked and defenseless.

Jonas was with us. He didn’t make it to him in time. Just a few more seconds and i would of been able to help him…if i was just a little bit faster. But it’s also my fault for using most of my energy on those aura attacks.the others won’t be happy about this news….if they made it back.

Old Heart is upset

This thing knows not the anger of witch it stirs, by making friends of Heart disappear!! And now I think it's time to get serious I don't care about my safety or the consequences of my actions I can't remember the last time I was this angry. I'm putting everything I have into my next attack and if I die so be it. Because living with no friends is not a life Gabu would want. And I never want Gabu to be sad for it to be so would go against everything I stand for my pride will simply will not accept this. So as long as this Dark heart still beats it WILL protect all the friends of heart.

Lord Gabu

I know my lord has seen my devotion to him and all mutants of my kin. But what i want is him to tell me that all this endless fighting and blood shed is worth all the pain we wastlanders endure and he knows I’m a true man who never kneels before any man, beast, god, fate or even the great Gabu himself for if i ever truly meet him he would know i stand equal to his power. If i was able to fight my way just to reach him in all of his glory and might. for when that day comes … A truly hardened worrier and a well forged Man well stand before all. And they shall know thy name, thy honor and fame. Thy courage will strike all hearts of men and gods alike, for he will be the true man that carries the weight of the world and be drenched in all of its pain as he sheds no tears or shall he bare the face of pain. Because the world needs a strong leader, the world needs DarkHeart!!!

Evanna's Journal Page 1

My first Mission seemed easy enough sneak into a town and gather info on their tech and new employment. But the long day travels was the easy part, getting threw the dark forest and finding this half breed beast reeking of tech upgrades and science Constructs i believe they called it. They being the most awful team that has ever set foot on the sands!! One turned out to be a gambler and the other a a quite man with little to say, witch would be fine if he was a good fighter but with all my luck he was bare at best not to mention i told them I’ll be gathering information and won’t be long from a day away and do they do get arrested like the dim wits they are so i was mad but thought to myself fuck it I’ll be better off on my own on this one so i did what i do best i pleasured the Information out of some undercover info broker and was on my was to an hidden vent into there head quarters i came across some miner drones but dealt with them with little to no ease then something caught my ear while i was in the vents two goons where talking about their shift almost being over and getting some drinks after work, witch was boring but the part that was really worth it was he said the morning guy had to run checks on their files and documents and proceeded to leave the room. i smiled and jumped out of the vent and to my surprise the cabinets where unlocked I guess having a lot of keys would be to hard for these guys to keep up with or maybe the night shift owed a favor to the morning crew whatever the case it was free pickings for me. I heard one of them coming back into the room so i hid under the desk and he set down so I waited until be bent over to throw some papers away and i picked up the desk and crushed his body with it knowing it would make a lot of noise i quickly jumped back into the vent got lost a little bit but i found my way out where i had came in but there was a man there fixing the point of entry where i had broken it i didn’t think he was working for the guards he looked and acted like any other citizen so i was going back home without them but to my surprise the guard at the door scanned my ID card and it didn’t take i guess the forged one i had was only good for getting in not out and i was confronted with 6 armed guns so being the charming gal i am i asked is that how you treat all your ladies and they responded with gunfire. That didn’t go so well for them i drove them back got one of the dead mans gun, radio, and outfit but more showed up and open fire again my shield blocked and the bullet hit a citizen and a riot broke out i was wounded and a old man took me into hes inn and help my back to my feet i asked him the quickest way out of town he said the sewers so i traveled down the passage way and for the love of Gabu and the sands i find my team being lead out of town as well. I’m guessing they failed there mission in recovering anything useful but when everything felt like everything was good and we were almost out something knew we were leaving and it was not happy again one of these Constructs but way bigger then the one before it but it went down as the other one did oddly enough but we all made it out alive and of course the travel back was just as easy as getting there so i guess next time i go alone or at least have my farther to have my back when it gets cutthroat. overall i find them as teammates under par and not suited for stealth.

Metis' thoughts 3
Yet another construct

So this one looks like those hunter things, not sure how these things are made, and not sure if that bullet that passed through my ASS hit anything vital. What I do know is that the new girl needs better aim and I need to start stitching people together or I’m not going to make it out in one piece. Oh, hey a new mutant, wait, where’s alrich?

The adventure of the Darkest Heart
The lost story

The beginnings of this tale doesn’t begin with the mutant known as Dark Heart but with why he is called dark heart. Long ago before he met the group, the tribe know as The Stone was where he grew up as you would guess they were savage killers with a bad habit of getting in trouble with the locals so they sent dark heart into the cities and blamed it on him saying he was the one who rapped and killed the women and sold them as slaves, And it was with that act his tribe beheaded his wife and raped his mother before killing her (and of course he was restrained by the elders) and forced to watch it all years after the event he was forced out of the city jail he and he knew there would be death to pay for the crimes in his name and that the stones would pay with every drop of there blood so as he was being dropped off at the gates he caught a guard off focus and broke his neck and used his gun as his own. But he knew were the tribe often goes for celebrations so he waited there for what seemed like days if not weeks but it was nothing he couldn’t bare because of what they did to him his anger was enough to keep him going. Finally off in the sands he heard the great war drum of his X-tribe and he didn’t even have a plan he just charged straight at them with only a rifle he had taken yet he didn’t know how it worked but in his soul he knew that lord Ga-bu was watching and that if he would die he would die with the blood of his tribe dripping form his own fingers, But what he didn’t know was that he was already impelled by three spears but the pain only made him want to kill them that much more. The sight of a mutant fighting while dying was something that the Elders would call the Rage of Ga-bu and as he stood before the elder seats as the head elder was getting ready for battle, The young Mutant threw down his weapon and stated that only a real mutant fights to the death with with his hands! But the elder knew that this would not go unseen by the other tribes so the War-Chieftain dropped his hammer and looked at this bleeding wounded thing of a mutant and said i would never had guessed that a pest could make it this far, He would fight this hand to hand combat but being an aged battle worn leader he had the upper hand taking the blows of this angry fighter was his best way to make sure to tire him out and then struck a heavy blow to his leg tipping over this young child, And as he got in close to take his life an unseen kick knocked the elder over and as the young fighter got to his feet he knew the only way to win was to choke the life out of this elder, and with his big arms he gripped the elders neck as tight as he could the elder kicked a little bit gasping before lying limp on the floor and the young mutant grabbed the dagger from the elders boot and carved out the Elders heart and held it before the broken tribe and with a deathly smile he ate it, So the the 5 great tribes that were left in shock named him Dark Heart because his heart was as black as night and as cold as the blood that stained it.


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