Although one would assume very few living things could survive the continent’s barren terrain, many specimens make their home in the Wasteland. Most creatures should be creatures should be considered dangerous and it’s safe to assume that most will consider you as food. This guide will attempt to illustrate which are more dangerous than others.


-Pack animals.
-Three eyes. Large jaws that are capable of swallowing a man whole. Approximately the size of a small whale.
-Sometimes used by mutants and M.E.E. as mounts.
Weak Points:
-Sensitive to taste.
-Spinal column.

-Often seen in small groups.
-Six eyes. Barbed shell. (Spines are similar to a sea urchin.)
-Seem to have a grasp of verbal/non verbal communication.
-Cannibalize their dead. Easy to exploit.
Weak Points:
-Soft underbelly.

-Resembles a hairless bear.
-Wields a chainsaw attached to a limb.
Weak Points
No further information is known at this time…

-Possess large jaws filled with multiple teeth. Plated scale hide. Able to manipulate the shape of its body, including its ability to roll itself up into a ball.
-May attempt to spit acid or kick up a dust storm to incapacitate its prey.
-Usually staying close to a nest of its young, it may call upon them during battle.
-Sensitive to sound and smell.
Weak Points
-If a nest is nearby, there may be thousands in their numbers.
-Spit acid to mark a designated prey item. This acid attracts them.
-They grow rapidly as they feast.
-Like their parent, they are also sensitive to sound and smell.
Weak Points

-As their name suggests, their presence is usually given away by the mournful, anguished noises they make.
-thin and lithe, they possess an impressive set of jaws and stubby legs armed with numerous claws used for grasping prey. Much of their body appears to be stitched together.
-They seem to lack internal organs or a defined skeletal structure, having soft, almost marshmallow-like flesh beneath their tough carapace.
-Usually travel in deadly, overwhelming numbers.
-Instead of eating what they catch, it appears they only hold interest in harvesting internal organs. It would be far better to die by one’s own hand then to die a slow, agonizing death at the mercy of these creatures
-Has a unique ability known as Rend. Their rending attack can destroy the armor and weapons of the target.
-Has a poisonous bite, has been known to inflict Lv 2 Poison.
Weak Points
-Aura-based attacks.
-Silver bullets/weaponry will ‘cauterize’ them and prevent regrowth permanently on affected areas.
-Their jaw is connected by a thin line of tissue, which can easily be torn off.
-high powered bombs will also stop regeneration

-Bioegineered beasts supposedly created by Tilrec himself.
-Original construct is composed of an amalgamation of souls (later versions unknown).
-Size seems to vary depending on their chosen habitat. The biggest constructs may be as large as a small city.
-Most have an outer shell that must be peeled away before doing actual damage to these heavily armored beasts.
-Body houses an internal network of electrodes.
-Nockmaar blood is considered an aphrodisiac to a mated pair.
-One of the most dangerous creatures of the Wasteland. Attack with caution.
Weak Points
- Electrodes spark when exposed to metal.

-Also known as rift beasts, they resemble a spider-like wolf and have a very strong musculature.
-Although they appear to be organic on the surface, their internal makeup is comprised of machinery and tubing that houses an unknown liquid.
-They make their home in the Aether Void and use rifts to travel between universes.
-Primary interest in intelligent life is harvesting R.N.A. to further enhance their gene pool.
-Previous encounters suggest that they may be an instrument of the fates.
-Sensitive to magnetic poles.
Weak Points
No further information is known at this time…

-Large feline animal
-It’s been suggested that their eyes are able to see through solid matter.
-Highly developed sight and smell.
-Distinctive howl/growl.
-Could not be visually detected by the party for an unknown reason.
Weak Points
-Seems to be vulnerable to standard weaponry

-Only appear at night.
-They do not enter light.
-You cannot kill them.
-Zethis keep them away.
-Best strategy is for everyone to run in opposite directions and pray to the sands that they don’t grab you.
No further information is known at this time…

-Biomechanical. Appear as if they were fitted with mechanical armor and augments.
-Aura based attacks.
-Vaguely reminiscent of turtles.
-Capable of inflicting random status effects upon death by emitting a gas. Or perhaps an aura?

Not much is known about these creatures. They live in cave like areas and grab their pray with rope like tongues and suck them into their mouths.

Telepathic entities from a higher existence, they have wisp-like bodies and no eyes. They seem to appear only in Herman’s Simulation.

Decayed remnants of Ancient Archons. Mummy like in appearance, with glowing eyes that seem to drive them. Often associated with items of extreme value or import



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