The human interest group founded and run by Grezentheys Leon. Altfelter purports to place the humans of the Wasteland before any other race, believing that they should be the masters of the planet. Both the MEE and the remnants of the Nockmaar Legion have declared war on Altfelter for control over the powersink left behind 200 years before when the Nockmaar were defeated. Altfelter has sunk substantial resources and funding into re-discovering or creating new weapons and technology to give them a distinct advantage over their adversaries. However, in recent years, Altfelter has been accused multiple times of harming and even killing dissenters of their own race. Elaina has been working with Altfelter for an unknown amount of years, training and aiding Leon in both tactics and arming. Altfelter still stands as the strongest vestige of humanity in the Wastes and continues to fight for human superiority.

Mutant Expansionist Empire

The MEE was founded by Hully-mentayis after Garro-gumen was put to death for siding with the Nockmaar Legions. Mentayis had been a disciple of Hurro -Tentret, the great communicator and prophet of Lord Gabo. Upon the death of Garro-gumen, Mentayis was optioned for taking the leadership trials by his mentor and disbanded from the Order he had been following. The MEE came about when Mentayis was told in a vision that Lord Gabo’s plan was for the mutants to conquer the Wasteland. He then surpassed the trials with great proficiency and killed the second runner in an arena battle. The MEE was founded shortly thereafter and Mentayis began leading raiding parties against Alfleter and capturing their technology. The Empire grew exponentially under Mentayis’s leadership, eventually spanning and surrounding most of the main cities in the Wasteland. The MEE was able to unify and arm the numerous tribes of their brethren across the Wastes and form a superior army against most other races.

Tolaris Empire

The Tolaris Empire is a mysterious and enigmatic culture from the past. Sporting high technology and formidable engineering feats, the Imperium has decided to expand from its origin into the Wastes. It would seem that they are bent on finding Archons, though for what reason or purpose still remains to be seen. The Tolaris Empire also seems to have members of every species – all dressed in similar armor – who work and co-operate as a cohesive and dangerous whole. Though how this came to be is both unnerving and strange in its possible prospects.


These are a gaseous race of beings that exist only in myths and theories stemming from the end of the Nockmaar Wars. According to Kinsley the Kinslayer, they use dead bodies for ‘unwholesome things’ The Processors only take a physical form due to their black plated armor, which is arranged with numerous hoses and a ‘breathing’ mask. Little see is known at this time.


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