Lore Regarding the Archons.
As recorded by Professor of Ancient Studies at Purgios University.

The archons are the veritable mystery of our time, from their strange, formulaic greetings to their devastatingly powerful weapons; these men and women represent this age’s great enigma.

According to my studies, the Archon Cult originates right around the time that the Nockmaar came to this world. It has been decided by lesser historians than myself, that the cult was actually founded to combat the lizard menace and keep the world of that time in balance. However, new evidence suggests that (and I will take sole credit for this theory as none before have connected the lines)the Archons Cult was established elsewhere and NOT necessarily by the great king Herman. This evidence seems to place the cult in a widespread fashion, meaning that Herman merely founded a new chapter – and yet, for all of Altfelter’s funding and support, I and my team have been unable to find any other evidence of separate Archon chapters save for the ruins discovered in the Herfled Deserts. (See Addendum 1-1) I have studied in depth the manifests left behind to us by those of that abandoned outpost, and they have stated – numerous times – that other chapters existed…perhaps even across the Oceans.

Anyhow, Enough with the theories, this dissection is about the straight facts and the subsequent timeline.

On to it.

It would appear that around the same time the Nockmaar showed up in the Wastes and began to negotiate with the leaders of the time, that the Great King Herman appeared at the outskirts of a small mining community. Herman warned of the Nockmaar and their intentions and convinced the hardy miners to set up defenses at intervals along their roads. Of course, as we all know now, this led to the first and most famous of the Occupation battles – The Roads at Terrace Kingdom. Here Herman was able to defeat the first invasion wave of the Nockmaar and to cement himself behind the first defensive perimeter of the Occupation. He rallied the miners of Terrace Kingdom to fight on his side and they became the proto-ancestors of the following Archon Cult.
After their first defeat, the Nockmaar fell back to Fellis to recuperate their forces and to strike the ‘Good Deal’ with the humans there. As we all know, the ‘Good Deal’ turned out to be half truths and lies – promising great things for humanity and ultimately leading them into subjugation and slavery. (I am keenly aware of this as my mother’s family were kept in one of the under-desert research stations as maids and servants until the Marchers ended the Nockmaar Wars over 200 years ago at the Endriel Necropolis)
It is said that the Nockmaar stayed in Fellis for a whole year, re-evaluating their tactics and military so as to defeat these new problems, until they launched the infamous raiding parties that eventually overcame the emplacements at Terrace Kingdom and killed the majority of its population. Herman then led the remaining men and women into the mountains where they created a new community and began to found the beginnings of what would become known as a cult.

As far as I can trace, the cult stayed in the mountains for many years, eventually pouring into the Nockmaar forces with such violence that had never really been seen before. These forces, called the First Army, forced the Nockmaar legion much farther back than Fellis, eventually sending them into the large expanse of the Genert Woods. The Nockmaar fled the ferocity of Herman’s forces and left them to their own devices.

the history blurs here, strange mentions of Gnosi and a weird reincarnation mythos seem to perpetuate the idea that Herman was killed in one of his great campaigns, slain on the battleground by some relative or trustee, whose name has been left in the sands of old. The stories get even more mysterious as you probe the depths of the times. Legends, stories, articles talking of the rising of a great city to the clouds, the formation of an empire – the training, strangely intense and violent, that those wishing to be Archons underwent, and the numerous but woefully un-detailed accounts of the dealings between Tilrech, Herman, and the strangely spiritual Gnosi Empire.

A foot note though: It is often said that Herman did not actually die but rather receive a mortal wound that put him off the battlefields permanently, even more confusing is the weirdly believable account of Herman’s actual funeral, many years down the road, and even more disturbing are the rumors of Herman having a son and daughter of his ‘sister’. But the history becomes so skewed at this point as to warrant much further investigation – and I would chase this and any other leads – but the research materials simply do not exist. Either they are buried in the wastes (priceless to a scholar like myself) or lost to the destructive throes of time. Either way, it is my sincere hope that we will come to know more as the years reveal our very own history.


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