One of the most valuable skills a team can learn and practice is rationing food, water, and weapons. Not only does it help to ensure the health and survival of all party members, it also discourages fights from breaking out between the group. These pages can be used to log and ration your group’s inventory.

Reluctantly using this asinine survival book to record our inventory. ~Hyve


16x Bottles of Tolaris Whiskey
26x Porcelain Gold Bricks.
16x Gold Bars.
2x Rough Diamonds.
4x Underworld Skull.
3x Crystal Underworld Skulls.
2x Black Underworld Skull.
3x Underworld Skulls w/ Jewels. (Diamond, ruby, and sapphire.)
1x Jester’s Amulet
39x Geodum Crystals.
2x Fenrir Amulets.
1x Assorted Jewelry.
1x Processor Helmet.
1x Porcelain Box.

2x Undergarments
1x Ancient Archon Armor
2x Desert Trench Coats (Red, Gray)
1x Enhanced Porcelain Armor
1x Acoster’s Cloak – (3 Defense, 2 Sneak, -1 Dexterity)
2x Benevolent Armor – (12 Defense, -2 Character, -6 Dexterity, +1 Diplomacy)
1x Hellstrom Armor – (24 Defense, – All Defense, -16 Dexterity, 1.5% Stamina Drain per action)
2x Wanderer’s Boots – (4 Defense, 3 Movement, -2 Intelligence, -3 Strength)
1x Desert Hoodie – (2 Defense, 3 Defense, -1 Dexterity)
1x Scale Armor (22 Defense, -4 Attack, 1 Stamina, -2 Dexterity, 30% stopping armor piercing rounds.)
1x Rubber Suit (21 Defense, -12 Energy, 3 Agility, 1 Dexterity, 1 Movement)
1x Stealth Cloak (10 Stealth)
Traveler’s Overcoat (14 Defense, 6 Survival, -2 Agility, -1 Dexterity, 2 Stealth, 2 Movement)


1x Skull Gun –
1x Plasma Pistol -


1x Wolf Carcass.
2x Tomes (Written by Herman and his son?)
1x Stack of Books


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