Reward System

Wasteland Reward System

Hello Wastelanders! In an effort to keep the world of our campaign constantly expanding, I am re-implementing the rewards system. I have edited it to be more fair, consistent, and worth your time and investment. Remember, this is a team effort; the more people that work on this, the more expansive the campaign becomes; the larger worlds we have, and the more diverse we see the world.

Don’t be afraid to use your perspective! I want to know how you/your characters feel about situations, weapons, beasts, etc…
The more diverse a group we have, the more insight is possible; I created the world, but you are the one playing in it…

As before, the rewards are randomly generated by raffle. The more people that update, the more names are pulled:
2 updates = 1 name

Unlike before, the actual things gained will be found in campaign, on that player’s first turn each game via the ol’ fashioned railroading method. This makes for a more organic form of storytelling and also derives from my desire to keep the mindset of players in the Wastes. You can miss this opportunity if you prove to be all too off-topic or lose concentration on the game. But it won’t be by my determination, but by your teammates’.

The new reward system uses dice to determine which item, bonus, stat, etc…

A D-8 is used for stat boosts

A D-12 is used for Items

A D-20 is used for Abilities

Refer to the reward charts attached to figure it out; The difference here is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE which tree you want to use should you be chosen to receive something.

Previously, the points you accumulated were based in what you chose to do on the wiki, however; with the revamped system, you still gain those points but they are added to your personal character development on the level of 1 point= 25 exp. This allows for and encourages a heavily rewarding system of player-DM interaction. It also allows for more active updaters to benefit whether or not they are drawn in the raffle and for the enemies encountered to level quicker and provide more challenge and reward.

Points for updates

Character sheet: 3
Weapons/Armors: 2
Bestiary: 4
Journal: 1 per paragraph
Personal Data: 5
NPC Characters: 6
Wiki Info: 3 per paragraph

Paragraphs must be reviewed by DM to count towards the points received: THAT MEANS TELL ME! Bad paragraphs, lazy or otherwise poor attempts are not rewarded.

Status Rewards


Equipment Rewards


Ability/Racial Rewards


Reward System

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