Tactical Advice

Learn to use your environment to your advantage
Work with the other players in your group to move and function as a group,
Keep in mind what you have in your inventory and use it in anyway you think might do some decent damage, one person managed to kill a mutant with an empty syringe. Cheshyre managed to survive almost being swallowed whole by a croclava by dropping a set of mutant testicles he was going to keep as a trophy from one of his kills.
Think outside the box, keep wary of what’s around you.

Be creative in your approach to problems in fights, use strategy and tactics to set up your party members in key locations, be careful not to share too much information out loud, as your enemies are possibly listening.

Attempt to uncover weak points for further exploitation.

Try different approaches to damaging an opponent, is something doesn’t work once, chances are slim it will ever work.

Consider what the enemy looks like. Are there any stand-out things of particular interest? Does it move quickly or slowly?
Does it have armor, or modifications? These may all be tells as to its weaknesses and give clues as how to proceed in combat and scenes.

USE Initiative Points!!!

But most importantly, be clever in your usage of specialization. Each character can do things others can’t and may have options that others just simply don’t.

And lastly, never lose your focus, or your hope. There is always a way to win, evident or not, and it may just take patience to figure out the method to victory…and teamwork.

Tactical Advice

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