The Fates

An excerpt from Hyve’s journal.
I found them in Aether Void so far from things that I once cherished. I had forgotten who I was. Was I a Nockmaar once? Or perhaps I had been a Gnosi? The answers to these questions had been buried under years of sorrow, anger, and forced stupor. Like a wounded crocklava I had crawled away to lick my wounds for fifteen years, unable to face what had happened to me and those I had dared to call friends…

However, the moment I looked upon them I knew who I was and what had happened. In instant I saw their faces as my memories returned to me and old pains resurfaced. Sands forgive me, I had almost forgotten in my eagerness to heal.

I do not know if it was the mechanism of some twisted joke that these memories came flooding back to me as I stood among strangers, but I do know that as I looked at them and them at me, they saw everything in their silent contempt. I know this to be true although I do not know why.

They called themselves the Fates as if they had a hand in governing the natural world. Perhaps they fancied themselves as Gods. But as I was caught in their gaze, I was reminded of stories claiming that Herman the Great had made a deal with a demon in exchange for power. No. I could not worship Gods such as these… Gods of flesh and machine. Most of their flesh had rotted away, revealing twisted, skeletal forms. Everything else had been simply replaced by technology. Herman, they were being kept alive by it. (Perhaps they took some cues from Tilrech?) Masks bearing crude expressions hid their faces. For that I am strangely thankful.

I do not know if they have hand in manipulating events as they’ve suggested, but I do indeed to find out what they are and their intentions. I will not be made a tool, a plaything for heretics.

Hide behind masks if you wish. One day I will remove them.

The Fates

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